Spinach/Kale/fruit smoothie...no joke, my kiddos wolf this down!

I'll start off by admitting that I'm lucky.  My kiddos are fruit and veggie lovers.  With all the "super foods" in this smoothie though, I joke that they could eat McDonalds for the rest of the day and still be ahead of the game.  I serve these smoothies to the kids in our playgroup and rarely does a child not finish theirs, even though they have a greenish, murky look to them.  Somehow getting to drink something out of a straw makes a child want to consume just about anything!  Timmy and Gemma have one nearly everyday. 

Approximate ingredients:
1 large banana
1/3 C plain, low fat yogurt
1 C baby spinach
1 C kale
1 C frozen berries (I typically use a blend of the frozen strawberries and frozen fruit medley-blueberries, raspberries, and boysenberries from Costco)
1/3 C juice (usually apple...it's one of the lower sugar juices)
I blend our smoothies in a Vitamix.  Yes, I know they're a bit spendy.  But I cannot think of any kitchen item I use with as much regularity as this blender.  It seriously pulverizes EVERYTHING, even the seeds.  And it lasts forever.  I've had mine going on 11 years and never had to replace a single part.


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  1. Just made this, it's delish!! Thanks Tara, I know dev will like it too once is finished digging in the dirt!!


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