Sunday, February 9, 2014

Snow days

We finally got snow last night. Even at 35 years old, I still get giddy when every time I see those beautiful white flakes come down. There's something magical about it. Gemma and Timmy were bursting at the seams with excitement before bedtime. If I had to guess, the minute I left the room after tucking them in, they raced to the window of their bedroom to peer outside in wonder, imagining a day of snow men, sledding, and hot chocolate. I hope it's what they did...I know I would have at their age.
Regan's first snow!

Getting ready to sled our way into town. Sunday always means a trip to "Baker Mike's"!

Jim and Timmy spent the remainder of the morning building a pretty epic snow fort. Only when Timmy literally could not feel his hands and feet anymore did he finally decide to come inside.
Some more pictures to recap the month. As always, it was a busy one for our family. Never a dull moment...

New Years Eve! Dinner and sparklers with some of our best friends on Bainbridge, the Anderson family. One of these years we'll have to take the kids into Seattle and let them watch the fireworks display at the Space Needle. I know they'd love it. 
Good looking dude! Regan is a total cross between Timmy and Gemma. No mistaking these 3 kiddos are siblings.
Seriously, Regan is ALWAYS smiling. Such a happy, chill dude. I can't believe he'll be a year old in just 2 months.
Why do one night of sparklers when you can do 2 nights? New Years round #2 with the Stoehr family.
Princess Gemma! She's worn this princess dress and tiara she got from her Nani and Poppy for 2 weeks straight. The blanket, she informed me, was because her head was cold. I suggested she could wear a hat and she looked at me like I was from outer space.
Yeah, I live in Seattle. Yeah, I know the Seahawks won the Super Bowl. But I will ALWAYS be a Niner fan.
One of the kids many creations with my and Lindsay's old wood blocks. Timmy reminds me daily that he wants to be an aeronautical engineer when he's older. Gemma was to be a "princess castle engineer"...said with a very serious face!
Legos with Timmy's buddy, Henry. Totally his Daddy's son...he's building 600+ piece Lego sets all by himself now. Yes, I know I'm bragging. Super proud Mom.

A loooooong overdue visit from my very special friend Julie. 5 kids in our house for 4 days...loud, chaotic, a little tiring, but so very fun. We had a great time showing them so many of our favorite spots on Bainbridge.
That glazed eye look that only comes from watching their favorite movie with Corvin and Scarlett...which these days is Despicable Me.
Julie, thank you for capturing such a cool picture of Regan and I on our walk into town:)

Gemma and Luke, 2 kids who absolutely cannot wait until this playground is theirs at preschool next year.
Pajama and pancakes day for Timmy and Samuel at preschool, so Bethany and I decided Gemma and Luke should get a waffle day at home too! Gemma even convinced Luke to play in her new princess tent:)
Yes, I know this picture is upside down! It's easier to see what a silly snaggle-tooth Regan is these days. 5 teeth...2 on the bottom and 3 on the top, with a nice gap in between them. You can't help but laugh when he smiles.
Game day at swimming! I know I've said it before but, if you live on Bainbridge, Marilyn Belieu is the BEST swim instructor there is. Timmy adores her and Gemma can't wait till it's her turn for lessons in the fall.
Kindergarten orientation night! How the hell did that happen so fast???!!! We have classroom visits this week, complete with a bus ride around the island. Crazy thinking I'll have a kindergartener and preschooler this fall.
All for now. Time to watch some more Olympics! 


  1. I love all your updates! I can't believe Regan is inching so close to a year old!! Thanks for sharing :)

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