Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Last days of summer

Seems now that we're a family of 5, I only get around to updating this blog monthly, despite my best intentions to do it more often! Honestly, we enjoyed every bit of this glorious summer. I can't believe we're just a few weeks away from Halloween. And the kids are already singing Christmas carols around the house...

 Timmy and one of his best friends, Samuel, in one of many epic squirt gun battles. We've literally got a small arsenal of nerf squirt guns now. Hours of fun and worth every penny.
 Timmy loved the water slide at Howard's birthday party!
 In the words of a certain daddy, "Nothing says Happy Birthday like a sh*t ton of sprinkles!" Can't believe Timmy is 5 years old now.
Blackberry picking!!! One of the activities I look forward to all summer long. I know Jim said I was nuts with my lofty goal of 40 pounds. Uh yeah, no problems meeting that goal.
 I can never get enough of Regan's smiles.

 On one of our many walks into town. Gemma insisted on wearing TWO headbands...
 Selfies with Regan on the iPhone

 I wish I knew what Regan was thinking about when we snapped this pic
 Best hand-me-down tshirt ever. Thank you Dani:)

 Timmy and Rudy. These little dudes are such buddies, dorking around every chance they get. 
Moments after this picture was taken, we had a colossal meltdown when Timmy was informed he couldn't bring the banana slug inside the house for a pet.
Soccer is definitely not my favorite sport but Timmy is having a fun time playing this fall. I know this largely due to Blake being on his team.
We'll really miss our neighbors when they move. Timmy and Gemma have spent hours upon hours in our yards, riding bikes, digging in the dirt, and in Gemma's case, playing dress up. Crossing my fingers the next family who moves in is even half as awesome.  
 An actual night out with Jim!!!!!! Okay, so I was ready to pass out by 9:00, but I actually put on a dress and makeup for the first time in probably half a year.

Beyond excited for Halloween! A robot, Rainbow Brite, and clown will be trick or treating the streets of Bainbridge this year. I may or may not sneak a bit of their candy when they're not paying attention.

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