Monday, August 19, 2013

Camping Ohanapecosh!

I always look forward to our camping trips with the Randall family. Kellie and I met at First Years, a daycare that Timmy and Riley attended for about a year...back in the day when I was still working.  They've since moved to Portland (I'm crossing my fingers they move back to Bainbridge someday...hint hint Kellie!) but we try and get together as much as we can.

Last year we were able to squeeze in two camping trips together. This year, it's just the one. Between spending a month at our cabin, Timmy's birthday party (my next blog post...), and the added complications of camping with an infant, two trips seemed more than we could handle this year. Next year though, we're back on track!

Where Gemma goes, Rainbow Brite goes. A little fuzzy of Gemma, but you get the idea.

 View from our camp site.

Riley loved Regan. I think the feeling was mutual!

 No stick is too big for Timmy!

Cannot believe we actually captured a picture of Gemma smiling for the camera. Seriously such a rarity...usually she sees the lens and runs away. Too bad her hair is a little bizarre.

On our way to Silver Falls. Serious whining from Gemma because I refused to give her an endless supply of goldfish crackers.

 I think I take these pictures from up at Silver Falls every year. I can't help it! To say it's beautiful is such an understatement. The turquoise water is just striking.

 These kiddos have so much fun together.

 Timmy on time out. An annoying phase (at least I hope it's a phase!) of not listening and talking back. Ugh.
 Yep, we still like to read with little clothing on.

 S'mores! And darn you Kellie, for getting me hooked on those Trader Joes waffle cookies instead of graham crackers!
 Nothing like a little Berenstein Bears story time before bed...
Definitely a successful first camping trip for Regan!

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