Sunday, August 11, 2013

Best month ever!!!

I look forward to our cabin trip all year long.  Not surprisingly, I'm already looking forward to next summer's trip...even though we've only been home about a week. We spent a month in Forest Glen this year.  Yes, one absolutely perfect month.  I loved it. The kids loved it. Jim loved his 2 weeks.  Poor guy:( He had to get back to work.  (One of the perks of being a stay at home mommy now...)

With all the kiddo gear we had to schlep with us, the looooooong drive was our only option. We left the house just past 4:00 in the morning and arrived at our cabin just before 7:00 that evening.  Judge all you want but, let's just say the dvd player in our new car was a lifesaver! We stopped every 2 hours or so for Regan to little dude is such a super trooper. Barely more than an hour of crying the entire trip! Of course Gemma, who has never napped much in the car, slept for all of one mile (YES, one mile) around Lake Shasta.  Little stinker...
No naps for Gemma...and happy smiles from Regan.  Amazingly successful first road trip for our family of 5!
This seems to be a reoccurring pattern...our first couple days at the cabin it's cold and rainy.  But for kiddos who think anything above 60 degrees is shorts & tees weather, they weren't phased a bit!
Gemma loves any excuse to run through the puddles
I've finally got a wee one who likes to snuggle...

 Bath time in Grandma's tub.  Wowza do these kiddos to get dirty! 
Helping Grandma make pancakes. Our family consumed an absolutely staggering amount of Bisquick, eggs, bacon, and syrup.

Last summer Gemma was bit and knocked down by an untrained puppy in our neighborhood. (Don't even get me started on how postal I nearly got with the dog's owners).  But 2 hours with Auntie Traci and Uncle Korbe's dogs Maddie and Daisy cured her of any fears. This little lady is begging for a dog now!
Epic squirt gun battles.  Many of them...
Yes, even Gemma has her own Super Soaker
Getting ready to hang flags with Betty for the 4th

 Family pic! How does my (almost 5 yo) already have the beginnings of a 6-pack???!!! 

As appropriately named by Traci...our beautiful Shady Cove.
Regan - 2.5 months

Preparing to "greet" Erin & Sean upon their arrival at the cabin
 BUNS. Also Gemma's nickname.
Gemma with her Auntie Traci:)
A nice family welcome for Erin & all our Super Soaker assault. 
Yours truly, rock jumping at the Glen hole.

 Smiles for Auntie Lindsay
Timmy's first "rock jump". If it weren't for Gemma having an all-out whining attack, and Regan desperately needing a nap, I know he would have done the 5 footer jump across the river without thinking twice. He loved it!
Our ode to the "Lobster Man", a naked, leathery skinned, and absolutely atrocious dude who insists on hanging out on the rocks/beach near the Hells Gate rapids...always standing there with Captain Morgan pose. Totally gross...and a little creepy. If he won't convince somebody to wear sunscreen, nothing will.
Getting ready for "taco night"! You can never have enough guacamole...
 Gemma loves her Uncle Sean's sunglasses
I can never get enough of the rope swing...
This is what only waking up twice to nurse looks like in the morning.  The smile on mommy's face was even bigger!
More rock jumping...
For those of you who have seen our house at Christmas, you've seen the kiddos' fantastic stockings that hang over the fireplace.  No joke, they are works of art.  I know I sound braggy here, but it's the truth. My mom puts hours upon hours of her time working on them. Timmy and Gemma both have stockings (they are all Dr. Seuss) that are based in some part on patterns but Jim actually drew Regan's...based on How The Grinch Stole Christmas.  Here's the final drawing. It's going to be badass!
I'm still amazed at the bond between these boys.  Timmy has loved Regan since Day 1. Melts my heart.
Timmy and Grandma Nikki at the swinging bridge

Love LOVE LOVE this picture.
Every summer we get the kids' height in the shed.
Regan's namesake! A priceless comment on seeing the little dude for the first time: "Hey, he's got my hair!"
Totally crapped out in Grandma's lap:)
Timmy literally lived in the river for the month.
Kayla's mom says it best. If this isn't Heaven, I'm pretty sure I can see it from here. 
The night before we left, I told the kids it was time to head back home. Instant whining. (Yes, secretly happy...what can I say, I hope the cabin ends up being their favorite place too!) Anyway, when I said their Daddy really missed them, Gemma immediately responded with "Daddy can just come back here!" They had a blast. Best month ever.


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