Thursday, June 20, 2013

Getting ready for summer!

Amazing how quickly another month can fly by! Our family has been as busy as ever. Very much looking forward to a month (yes, a whole MONTH!!!) at our family cabin, Timmy's 5th birthday, camping trips (Kellie, I cannot wait!), our 10 year anniversary, barbeques with friends, slip n slides, popsicles, sun, and hopefully a wee baby who starts to sleep longer at night.
I have blinked and suddenly Timmy has finished 2 years of preschool. Our time at BCNS has been such a great experience for him.  Timmy with Mrs. Kari and Mrs. B on his last day of school. Pre-K here we come!
Family visit from my Dad and Joan
One of Timmy and Gemma's favorite activities, horsey rides around the house 
This is what late spring in Washington looks like...super sunny one second, cold and pouring rain the next.
The Anderson family are some of our closest friends on the island.  Timmy and Samuel are best friends...only 2 months apart in age.  Gemma and Luke are about 3 months apart.  Regan and Zachary, exactly one month apart.  Destined to be best buddies...

Something tells me I'm going to have to keep an eye on these two when they're older
 Gemma's love of dirt & mud is only surpassed by her love of Cinderella

I'm telling you, she's going to be the next Natalie Coughlin. Summer Sanders or Janet Evans would be okay too...
Timmy's preschool class.  11 boys and just 3 girls = crazy!
 One of Regan's first smiles!
 Days like this remind me why I love Seattle and Bainbridge Island so much
With these kinds of smiles you'd never guess what a little rageaholic this dude can be. He's getting to be quite the little porker his 2 month checkup he had gained nearly 4.5 pounds. Clearly he's nursing enough! 

 Gemma's new love: dress up! Thank goodness for our neighbors and their endless supply of sparkly dresses.

 Gemma and Naomi are cut from the same cloth. They love their girly clothes but they're definitely not afraid of a little dirt.
Gemma's hair is finally long enough for ponytails! French braids are right around the corner.

We take our squirt gun battles very seriously...

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