Monday, May 27, 2013

Timmy update!

At 4.5 years old, Timmy's days are filled with preschool, swim lessons, t-ball, bike riding, tree climbing, fort building, Legos, and covering himself in dirt.  This dude of mine is 100% boy.  If I had to guess, swimming is probably his favorite activity.  Obviously I couldn't be happier!  Timmy can swim basic freestyle, backstroke, and is learning to dive. His instructor Marilyn, is nothing short of amazing. 
About 2 months ago, Timmy finally dropped his training wheels!  Nothing like a little jealousy of our 5 year old neighbor riding without trainers to get him motivated.  It's not like he hasn't been racing up and down the street on his Strider bike since he was 2 years old (something Gemma has absolutely no interest in...).  But I think the height of his new big kid bike was a little scary at first.  He's totally got it down though, and he's so proud of himself!
This weekend he'll finish his first season of t-ball.  He's had a total blast.  I think it helped that his 2 best pals, Rudy and Samuel are on the team.  He's not exactly the best hitter (it would probably help if we practiced at home even a little bit!), but he loves catching the ball and going for the grounders.  Well, when he's paying attention at least.  He and Rudy look like Pig Pen from The Peanuts as they goof off on the field trying to kick up as much dirt as possible. 

 Timmy and Rudy
Timmy and Gemma trying to convince Mommy they could fit in Regan's infant car seat... 
When he's not constructing with his Legos, building elaborate tracks with Daddy is a close second.
 Timmy and Blake at their preschool "half birthday" party celebration.
No trainers!!!!!!
To say Timmy loves his baby brother Regan would be a total understatement.  Since the moment he saw him at the hospital, he has showered him with love.  He so desperately wanted a brother.
We've been blessed with a warm spring so Morgan's pool is already open! Many an afternoon will be spent here...
...and we've spent just as many hours in the dirt pit in the front yard.
Ski lessons at Snoqualmie!  Total success...the dude loved it.

Weekend visit from his Poppy and cousin Matty. 
Definitely one of my all time favorite pics of Timmy
Climbing trees with our neighbors

Bath time has always been a favorite for Timmy



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