Monday, May 27, 2013

Gemma update!

At just past 2 years old, Gemma is, BY FAR, the most verbal kid ever.  And not just saying that because she's my daughter.  Since she was around 18 months, she was talking in complete sentences.  Best guess, she has a vocab of well over 500 words.  I know, I sound really braggy here.  Sorry.  She's got nearly every Disney, Berenstein Bears, and (most of the) Dr. Seuss books we own the point where she can recite them nearly verbatim and knows when to turn the page if someone is reading them to her.  She can nearly count to 20, loves to sing a wide variety of songs...Rocket Man by Elton John being her long standing favorite. She literally talks ALL.DAY.LONG.

She's also a little comedian and perfect imitator of her brother.  She can already tell the butt/fart/stink, etc. jokes just as well as Timmy (the teacher!) and has no problems holding her own when they rough house.  But wow can she whip out the whining.  Is this a girl thing?  Or just because she's 2?  No freaking clue, but it's pretty annoying. 

She loves dirt, dinosaurs, Cinderella, Legos, building forts, coloring, stuffed animals, bath time, swings, and anything with sparkles.  Her favorite colors are pink and purple.  She likes ponytails, hair clips, dresses, and her pink sparkly boots.  Wowza, does she hate worms and spiders though.  Never heard her scream so loud in my life than when I placed the tiniest of worms on her hand!  She's got the same crazy blue eyes as Timmy (which I think Regan is going to have too!) but she's got gorgeous curly hair.  She calls it her "curlies".

Gemma desperately wants to do anything Timmy does, which lately means going to preschool and taking swim lessons with "Miss Marilyn".  But she also wants to take gymnastics.  She loves to twirl.  Totally signing her up for ballet when she's a bit older.  Have got a sneaky feeling she'll freak out over the pink tights and tutus...

Am I bummed that she'll never have a sister?  Yes.  But, she loves her brothers, and I'd be lying if I didn't say I hope she'll someday share the same relationship with me as the one I have with her Grandma Nikki.  Mommy's special little girl.

Gemma's 2nd birthday

Getting to meet her baby brother, Regan, for the first time.
One of Gemma's favorite activities is to remove nearly every book off the shelf and pretend to read them.  She calls them "her projects".  Reading naked is apparently an added bonus for her. 

Grandpa Rob, this one's for you!   Already raiding Mommy's wallet...

Gemma calls the pool rings her "princess crowns"

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