Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Timmy's 4th Birthday

I still can't get used to saying it, or writing it for that matter.  My little dude is FOUR???!!!  I swear just yesterday we were celebrating his third birthday, I was freaking out over making his dump truck birthday cake, and he was set to start preschool in a couple weeks.  In a flash, a year has gone by.  Timmy can swim the length of the pool on his back, still has an undying love for dirt and Legos, loves to play with his best friend Samuel, and starts his 2nd year of preschool in a few short weeks.  He's an absolutely comedian with (seriously) the most contagious belly laugh in the world.  And he still has a heart of gold.

I think Timmy would agree with me when I say he had a blast at his birthday party.  When Jim and I initially began our planning of his party, we didn't intend on it being a Star Wars theme.  It started out with me viewing images of R2D2 cakes online and thinking, "hey, I can totally do that!"  (this ended up being the most difficult cake I have ever tackled, and one I'm not entirely proud of).  That morphed into, "wouldn't it be cool to make our own Death Star pinata and let the kids whack it down with a light saber?"  And of course I thought I was being oh so original with this idea.  Not even close!  Google death star pinata and you'll see at least a hundred links to other blogs, etc. that have done this already.  Either way, it ended up being an incredibly fun project and the kids had a blast hitting it to pieces and scrambling to pick up candy.  I'm sure I made a lot of friends with the moms that day when they saw how much sugar their kids were coming home with. 

The absolute icing on the cake was the surprise visit Timmy received from a Storm Trooper and Obe Wan Kenobi at the party...aka Auntie Lindsay and Uncle Tim.  Timmy's facial expression when he first saw them sneak around the back yard was priceless.  The kid was stunned, a little scared at first, and then beyond excited.  Almost wish I had been in on the surprise because I was unprepared and failed to whip out my camera in time. 
 Storm Trooper Timmy
 Too slow with my camera to capture Timmy's shocked facial expression when his surprise visitors made their grand entrance!
 Death Star pinata.  This was a huge hit with the kids...will post a tutorial (hopefully) soon.
 Uncle Tim, Auntie Lindsay, and Grandma with the birthday boy
 Gemma and Nanni.  My little lady had such a fun afternoon getting to play with all the "big kids".
 Whacking down the Death Star.  Jim made the light saber from an old plastic broom handle, fluorescent spray paint and some electricians tape.

 Yay for pinata candy!
 Getting a lift from Daddy to blow out his candle...
 The destroyed pinata...
 Let's just say Timmy really cleanup up in the gift department.
 Fantastic girl friends:)
My birthday boy.  FOUR YEARS OLD!

Another camping trip this weekend (to add to our whirlwind summer) to Fort Stevens.  My sister's wedding in San Luis Obispo the following weekend, and then it's Labor Day.  Where did this summer go?  


  1. Happy Birthday to your son!! wow, you did an amazing job on the cake.

  2. such an awesome cake wooow good luck in next ones.
    Keep rocking .. العاب فلاش


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