Thursday, August 2, 2012

Timmy SWIMS!!!...(sometimes)

Although Timmy's ear piercing screams during his swimming lesson today would beg to differ, the dude loves water. Loves. Loves. LOVES.
Yes, we wear our goggles around the house too.  And (un)shockingly, one of Gemma's first words was "goggo"...

During the school year he takes lessons at Marilyn Belieu's private pool (if you live on BI, she is amazing!!!) but she only does lessons to kiddos 7 and older during the summer.  So we tried our luck with the lessons through parks and rec at our local pool.  I don't mean to slam the program, because the vast majority of the children there look like they are having a blast.  But, it's clearly not been a good fit for Timmy.  I'm not sure if it's that the water is colder, it's louder, and Timmy gets a new instructor every 2 weeks...whatever the reason, he whipped out the death rattle scream about 5 minutes into today's lesson.  I'm not one to normally let him quit something part way through but I'm not about to have any offspring of mine hating the water.  So we've been actual lessons on hold until this fall.  With our almost daily late afternoon trips to our friend Morgan's pool in her condo complex, Timmy is getting plenty of quality time in the water.  His absolute favorite activity is swimming at her pool.

I don't expect anybody besides my immediate family will actually view these videos I uploaded to YouTube, but here they are anyway.
(about 1 minute)
(about 6 minutes)


  1. My son doesn't want to do swim lessons right now either because he moved up to the cold pool, but not too worried because we still swim at least twice a week. But he too screamed bloody murder the last time we tried the lessons :(

  2. I love the goggles! Sorry the lessons didn't go as planned!

    Thanks for stopping by The Kavanaugh Report!


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