Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Camping Fort Stevens!

Hard to say which camping trip I enjoyed more...Ohanapecosh or Fort Stevens.  Such uniquely different campgrounds (one mountains, one beach), both incredibly fun, especially for the kiddos.  Jim would say For Stevens for sure.  Lots of family trips there when he was a wee one.  Either way, it was another successful camping trip, even if the weather was a little crappy the first day.  As far as I'm concerned, it should be against the law for it to rain in August.

Fort Stevens is located about 7 miles north of Astoria, Oregon.  Those of you born in the 70's (like yours truly) would know Astoria because more than a couple movies from my childhood (Goonies and Kindergarten Cop) were filmed there.  I'm fairly certain it's the largest campground in the state, with well over 500 camp sites.  Tons of bike trails, underground battery tours, and the Peter Iredale shipwreck! 

Battery Russell.  The kids loved running like crazy through all the empty rooms, shouting, giggling, and listening to the echos.  If it wasn't that the underground rooms smell like pee, it would be way cooler.
Jim and Gemma at Battery Russell.
Amazing how much fun kids can have in an empty warehouse!
Timmy informing me this must be where Santa comes down the chimney at Battery Russell

Gemma in front of the Peter Iredale
Timmy and Oliver.  I know I took this picture in August but somehow I think November.  It was a cold day on the beach!
Family picture in the Peter Iredale shipwreck
Apparently there was a recumbent bike convention at Fort Stevens the weekend we were there.  Recumbent bikes EVERYWHERE!!!
Roastin' hot dogs...
Timmy and Gemma wave as the nightly procession of WW2 Army trucks drive through the Fort Stevens campground
Gemma, much happier the next day was nicer!
...she even let me take her picture:)  (and no, I didn't pose her!  She's just a cutie pie!)
Daddy and Timmy
the beach at Fort Stevens
It was shortly after this picture that Timmy began (slowly) shedding clothing as they got too wet...
At least it was a warm 65 degrees!  Nothing keeps my kids out of the water:)
And now we're down to undies...
Goonies beach race scene anybody???
Car all packed up and ready to head back home
I thought the name was too funny not to take a picture.  Dismal Nitch?  Sounds like something out of a Lemony Snickett book.  Timmy is HUGE into those right now.  We're on book #6.  Count Olaf is a constant topic of discussion in our house lately.
Wish I could say she happily slept (wearing Timmy's bike helmet backwards of course) for the entire ride.  I can't complain though.  She only whipped out the scream for the last hour or so.  Major improvement for her.

I feel the need to vent about the douchebag campers across the street from us who almost ruined our trip.  When they pulled up blasting their annoying country music (NOT a country fan) I had that awful gut feeling.  Hearing the father (yes, father) telling one of the other women there that he couldn't have a beer yet because (direct quote) he was going to get "F'd up tonight" confirmed my fear.  His gang was up until nearly 2:00 the first night, partying the night away in their campsite, pissing the hell out of everybody else in earshot.  I think my favorite part of the evening was laying awake in our tent, praying Timmy and Gemma would sleep through the noise, and listening to the father, yet again, shouting to one of the other girls to "get the F over here" again, and again, and...again.  Oh, and letting his children watch Batman (the Heath Ledger one) at top volume in their car at midnight.  Their children are already masters at beer pong (minus the beverages) as we witnessed the following day.  And...playing Russian Roulette with nerf guns.  I feel for these kids.  With what appeared to me an absolute loss of any role models, these kids don't stand a chance. 

Okay, got that off my chest.  Other than that, fantastic weekend, even though the drive is nearly on the verge of too long for just a weekend.  Kellie, I love our camping trips!!!

Next up, Erin and Sean's wedding this weekend in San Luis Obispo!


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