Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Two glorious weeks!

I look forward to our summer trip to our family cabin on the Trinity River more than anything.  Up until a couple years ago, there was no phone, internet, market, restaurant, gas station, you name it.  We've got a phone now...and somewhat sketchy internet access, but not much else has changed over the years.  Just 10 cabins along a beautiful dirt road and gorgeous river.  I think all but one of them are still owned by the family that initially built them.  Our cabin holds more sentimental value to me than nearly anything else.  It's my favorite place in the entire world.

Once again, we did the looooong drive from Seattle...with an overnight stop at Jim's parents house in Portland.  Timmy is such a trooper on car rides!  No whining, no "are we there yet?", just a happy little dude who looks out the window for construction sites, big rig trucks, and anything else he finds interesting.  Gemma more than makes up for his easy going nature though.  She is NOT a car sleeper!  She gets bored easily and (as we learned a mere 12 miles from our final stopping point) also gets carsick.  Yuck. 

And even though Gemma got sick the first few days we were there (which resulted in an unexpected trip to the dr), we all had a fantastic time - floating on the river, rock jumping, catching turtles, frogs, snakes, lizards, eating the best pancakes in the world, enjoying the SUN, and spending quality time with family.  I'm always sad when this trip ends.  Am already looking forward to next year.

Be prepared for some picture overload!

 Jim, Tim, Lindsay, and Timmy getting ready for a float down the river
 Me and the kids in front of our cabin
 Timmy was less than thrilled with the lizard Uncle Tim caught
 On the Glen Creek bridge leading to the cabins.  Although to this day, Lindsay and I still refer to it as the "8 Ton Bridge". 
 Gemma LOVED the river...
 ...so did Timmy!
 Daddy and Timmy

 Daddy, Timmy, and some crack:)
Glen Creek
Gemma and Timmy, taking a bath in the same tub Lindsay and I did over 30 years ago

 Every summer my mom marks the kids height on the wall inside the shed
Gemma loved her popsicles!
 Mischievous little gleam in his eyes...
 Last year Timmy learned to 'whiz off the deck'...this summer he learned the art of the wet willy:)
Getting ready to put up the 4th of July flags with Betty

Rock jumping!

 Turtles sunning along the river
Lindsay, I cannot believe you are afraid of these snakes!  We both know they DO NOT HAVE FANGS!!!  And thank you for convincing Timmy there's lobsters in the river...

 Happy little guy with his Daddy and Uncle Tim
 I could not get enough of the rock jumping...
 Timmy loves to blow bubbles
Gemma and her dirty feet!  My barefoot girl...
 Feasting on Grandma Nikki's pancakes in the morning

Family picture
 Auntie Lindsay, Uncle Tim, and Jim on "taco night", our annual 4th of July feast.
Glow sticks (aka Timmy's Star Wars light sabers) courtesy of Joanne
 Gemma loves her Grandma
Timmy fit in some good construction time at a friend's place across the river
 Gemma Lindsay - 16 months
My FAVORITE place in the world


  1. Looks like my kind of Vacation!!! Loved the pictures!

  2. I looks beautiful!!! I love Gemma's bathing suit! One of my favorite places is my in-law's cabin on pickwick lake. I could spend my life on the water and never get bored! Glad y'all had a great time and I love all the pictures!


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