Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Camping Ohanapecosh!

OHANAPECOSH...my favorite campground in Washington.  (Huge thanks to Bethany for suggesting it years ago!)  Want to know why I love this place so much? 
Because this is the gorgeous Ohanapecosh River that goes right through the middle of the campground!  It's an absolutely stunning, clear, turquoise-blue river.
Apparently, Ohanapecosh is the only river on Mt. Rainier that is not laden with minerals (which produces that milky white appearance in a river) because it is formed entirely by snow runoff on the eastern side of the mountain.  All other rivers on Rainier are formed by glaciers.  Trust me when I say my pictures do not do justice to how beautiful it is up there.
So just like last year, we met up with one of my favorite people, Kellie, and her family.  Timmy and Riley have been pals since they were just 8 months old.  Even though they live in Portland now, we still try to get together for playdates and our now annual camping trips (next month: Fort Stevens!!!) as much as we can.
The kids had a great time, even hiking most of the way (well, Riley and Timmy at least) up to Silver Falls!  And shockingly, we were blessed with great weather...such a bonus considering we drove through a thunderstorm on our way to the campground.  As usual, Gemma was a horrible sleeper but I figure anybody who goes camping with kiddos isn't exactly planning on restful sleep. 
 Night one: kiddos feasting on their hamburgers
 Getting ready to play with the Stomp Rocket.  Endless entertainment!
 On the edge of our tent site.  Apparently in 2006 there was a huge (and I mean HUGE) flood resulting from over 18 inches of rain on Rainier over a 36 hour period.  The overwhelming amount of water rushing down the various rivers, streams, creeks, etc. was devastating.  If you look on the right side of the picture, you can see how high the river rose during the flood.  Amazing!
Roasting smores:)
 Oliver, getting ready for a serious sugar high!
 Gemma was mesmorized by the fire...
 Screw the old fashioned graham crackers!  Have you ever tried the Trader Joe's Butter Waffle Cookies with your smores?  Wowza!!!  Kellie, you've got me hooked.
Riley and Timmy, burning off some energy after a few too many marshmallows

 My cutie pie!
 Riley finds a slug.  I find it incredibly amusing that my outdoorsy, dirt loving boy (who is not afraid of bugs of any kind) does NOT do anything slimy.  So not only would he not get anywhere close to this slug, the dude won't even touch a frog.  Such a weird kid.
Hiking to Silver Falls
 I love how magical this forest looks!
 Impossible for Riley and Timmy to have enough sticks...

3 out of 4 smiling?  Not half bad:)

Silver Falls.  I wish my pictures could truly portray how gorgeous it is!

Crazy month ahead for us.  A trip to Portland, a certain boy's 4th birthday, another camping trip, and then my sister's wedding in San Luis Obispo.  I'll blink and it'll be September.  What a fun summer we're having!


  1. That place looks amazing!! Looks like you guys had a blast. I will have to keep this in mind for camping :)

  2. Wow! So beautiful there. I looove camping but I usually go by the beach, however we have been talking about going closer to a national forest next time.mi think you've convinced me :)

  3. Wow! Looks like a beautiful campground! Makes me wanna get out of MN!

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  5. wow! very nice your Camping. happy good family. I love your blog and this post. Hope you have an amazing trip! your images is so nice. thank's for sharing.


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