Friday, June 1, 2012

How to make Rainbow Frosting!!!

I readily admit I am a total sucker for anything "rainbow". Gemma better be too because I have an entire Pinterest board devoted to cute rainbow foods/ the hopes I can do a rainbow themed birthday party when she's a little older.

My rainbow baking craze all started with a video I saw on YouTube about how to make rainbow cupcakes.  Here's a link to my post on how to make them in case you're curious.  But it got me thinking, rainbow cupcakes would be WAY cooler with rainbow frosting.  So of course I began scouring the web for any tutorial on how to do it.  How bummed was I to find there weren't really any great tutorials on how to make it.  The best one I found was on a blog called Chica&Jo.  I found the instructions okay, but a little vague in parts...I found myself improvising quite a bit. 

Making rainbow frosting is actually pretty easy, it's just labor intensive, and NOT something you want to try when you've got kiddos running around your ankles.  (My maiden attempt was after bedtime last night!)  Sooooooo, here's how to make rainbow frosting.

What you'll need:
1. batch of butter cream frosting (here's my favorite recipe...I use butter instead of shortening though)
2. pastry bag and a larger frosting tip.  (I used the Ateco #846 1/2" tip)
3. food coloring GEL.  Must. be. gel.  (I like Americolor)
4. a tall glass of some kind. 
5. small, narrow spatula and butter knife.
6. a small paint brush

Begin by making your butter cream frosting. 

Take your pastry bag and place it, tip down, on a tall glass.  Fold over the bag until only 3 inches or so remain, to form a cuff, so that you can paint your "stripes".

Using your paint brush, carefully paint stripes with the gel.  One of each color, to where the bag folds over.  (Be sure not to let the colors touch, or you'll end up with an ugly brownish frosting.)

Next, slowly place small amounts of frosting in the pastry bag.  Try not to touch the color stripes too much.  And don't worry if the frosting doesn't look like it's down far enough.  The idea is to just get it in there without causing the colors to bleed.  Trust me.  You'll squeeze the frosting down after you unfold the cuff.   
When you have a nice heaping of frosting, undo the fold.  It usually takes me 4 or 5 small scoops of frosting with the spatula, scraped off with my butter knife, to get to this point. 
Throw another 2 or 3 good sized scoops of frosting with your spatula in the bag.  You don't want to fill too much because the colors will start to fade by the 8th cupcake or so...and you'll need to start the whole process over a clean pastry bag.
 Decorate your cupcakes!  A very important note, make sure you have either some cupcakes you plan to save for later, or some graham crackers, etc. to decorate with the first couple squeezes of you're waiting for the color to come through.  The first time I attempted this, I had a mini freak out when the color didn't come through right away.
 Finished product.  YAY!!!
I had leftover frosting, so I broke graham crackers into quarters and made little rainbow stars as treats for Timmy.  I put them in the freezer right away.  Some of them mysteriously disappeared tonight.  I am placing blame on a certain husband...

One final note, once you've used all the frosting in your pastry bag, you need to start the entire process over.  You CANNOT just add more frosting to the same bag.  Wasn't kidding when I said this was a bit labor intensive.  But, they look super cool and are a huge hit with the kiddos.  I made 2 dozen for Timmy's end of year preschool picnic and they flew off the table in under a minute. 

PLEASE, if you try this, let me know if these instructions worked well.  I'm open to any suggestions:)


  1. That is so awesome! I want to 'pin' it! is it OK?

  2. I cant wait to try this!! Im thinking about trying different colors too!!

  3. sure! i'm always thrilled if someone wants to pin anything of mine:) thanks!

  4. I can't wait to try this! I make a LOT of cakes & this would be a fun new trick.

  5. :O I've always wondered how you do it! Thank you!


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