Friday, June 8, 2012

Gemma & Luke...

Timmy and Samuel have been pals since the ripe old age of 10 months.  Today, they are the bestest of buddies...thick as thieves.  Sooooo, of course Gemma and Luke (Samuel's little brother) are going to be pals too! 
YES, of course they're empty...

Super bummed we got rained out of our first camping trip of the season:(  And believe me, when I say rain, I'm not talking about a couple showers here and there.  I'm talking a full on soaker scheduled for the coast this weekend.  And even then, if it was just Timmy, we still might have gone.  But there is absolutely NOTHING appealing about taking a 15 month old along for the ride, who just so happens to have a nasty temper at the moment.  Not to worry, we've already rescheduled so our original goal of 4 camping trips for the summer is still on!


  1. Those photos are adorable! :)

    And camping sounds amazing!

    Hope you have a great weekend,

  2. LOL, I love how they are holding the empty bottles. Too cute! I'm sorry to hear about the rain. Isn't it crazy that I wish we had super soaked rain over here in Texas? I hope you guys go camping soon.

  3. I love her face in the first photo!! I happen to find your blog on Top Mommy Blogs and we're from Washington too!

    1. thanks:) what part of WA? we're on Bainbridge Island...following your blog now!


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