Sunday, June 10, 2012

Does it get any better than this?

It's been a rough week.  Gemma has been nothing short of a total tyrant, giving me an all too vivid reminder of the colic she (and her tired mommy!) endured for 7 months.  She's not sleeping...again...and on another food strike, unless it's cheese or spaghetti.  Timmy, usually such an angel, decided to entirely disassemble his Lego Star Wars "Endor Base" and pour it down the air vent in his bedroom on Friday afternoon.  Our house is an absolute disaster and for someone as OCD as I am, it's nearly unbearable.  Just been one of those off weeks for our house. 

But just when I think I can't handle it any longer, and wonder if I'm insane for wanting a 3rd baby, I see my 2 kiddos, shrieking with laughter on the tire swing in the back yard:)

I would do absolutely anything in the world for these kids.  The smiles and laughter make it so easy to forget all the bad "stuff"...


  1. It's funny how they drive you crazy then do something adorable and you just think, "These are so awesome! I want another!"

    Found from another mom blog, looking forward to following along! Give us a visit if you get a chance! :)

  2. They can drive you to the brink and right back in a second. It is the moments that they're happy that you know every little bit of everything is worth it!!

    They are both totally adorable. And we have the same little sweat suit. So cute and cozy. :)


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