Thursday, May 24, 2012

What's in a shoe???

Well...if you go to Timmy's preschool, it's FLOWERS!  My mom can set the record straight on this one but, I seriously do not remember doing as many crafty things as I see Timmy bringing home from his preschool.  Last month he was sent home with a short letter instructing parents to drop off an old shoe, any shoe, with the kiddos for a "special project".
Is this not the BEST flower pot EVER??!!!!

So last week I got to volunteer in Timmy's classroom for the morning, helping the kiddos repurpose their shoes into beautiful flower pots.  We covered the shoes in plaster fabric wrap (Timmy wanted to make an "elf shoe"), and left them to dry for a couple days.  The kids got to paint them and then plant their flowers.  So much fun!

I guess what I found most interesting was watching which kids (both girls and boys) really got into the whole mess making aspect (with the plaster, paint, and dirt) and which kids really balked at getting dirty.  Obviously Timmy was NOT one who shied away from making a colossal mess.  This kind of project is right up his alley:)

Timmy's birthday is still a couple months out but I'm definitely getting excited to now to make our Death Star pinata together!

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