Saturday, May 5, 2012

"Mommy, I farted!"

(so proud of himself) " your face!  Was it stinky?  Was it weird?"  Oh yes, we're neck deep in farts, poop, and any butt joke here in the Voss house.  It's been slowly creeping into regular discussions with Timmy for a while now, only to literally explode in the last couple weeks.  I think I have a couple preschool buddies of his to thank. 

These days, almost any question asked to Timmy receives a response of "(word) poop".  Me: Timmy what do you want for snack?  Timmy: Smoothie, with poop!  Oh, and my personal favorite... Me: Timmy! What do you say after you fart?!  Timmy: Skadoobee!  Followed by some serious belly laughter on his part.  The dude just thinks he's SO funny. 

Last summer his uncles taught him how to pee off the deck at our family cabin.  Over the weekend I caught him dropping his pants to pee on the grass in the front yard.  I'm sure our neighbors must love us..

We'll see as Gemma gets older if this is exclusively boy behavior, or if she'll follow in the footsteps of her big brother.  I'm already nervous.
What a stinker...literally.

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  1. LOL, kids and their exclamations of bodily functions cracks me up. Carina loves to announce "poo poo!" after she goes ;)


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