Friday, May 25, 2012

iPhone picture dump...

I got this idea from one of the blogs I follow...our life the last couple weeks, according to my iPhone:
Strawberry Hill Park has the best quasi-jungle gym climbing structure!
Gemma looks like such a big girl here.  A little bittersweet for this mommy.

 Like brother, like sister.  Definitely a dirt lover!
Because every little girl wears mommy's swim cap and chugs an (empty) bottle of beer...
 Ah, Timmy...I love your "funny" faces:)
 Loving the rope swing at Grandpa Rick & Grandma Joan's
Me and the kiddos with my Dad and Joan

LOTS going on this weekend!  Taking the kiddos into Seattle, trying out some recipes (sauteed apricot ice cream, cinnamon pullapart bread, and fruit "soup"...), gardening, dinner with some great friends, and hopefully a hike at Lake Crescent.  Crossing my fingers Gemma starts sleeping better because all the progress she's made in the last month has been obliterated in the last week.  I feel like a zombie:(

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