Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Instagram...what an addicting app!

I've finally joined the world of Instagram.  What an amazingly addictive app for my iPhone!  My poor kiddos, I'll be snapping even more pictures of them than I already do now.
 Gemma the dirt lover:)
 A little girl who is very fascinated with her belly button lately!
What a fantastic weekend we had!  Took the kiddos to Seattle...Timmy loves going to the donut hole guy inside the Pike Market, hit up no less than 4 different parks on Bainbridge, fun BBQ with friends, and enjoyed some quiet time in the back yard.  This sunny weather is SO overdue. 

Next up?  Timmy's end of preschool picnic party.  I can't believe my little guy has already finished his first year of preschool.  I'm making rainbow cupcakes again but this time trying my hand at rainbow frosting.  We'll see.  Then it's camping at Cape Disappointment with Timmy's best pal, Samuel!  Our first of FOUR camping trips we have lined up this summer. 


  1. I think most apps are addicting. All I do at the gym while I am doing cardio is look at my phone and play with it.

    And those are the cutest pic's.

  2. I love Instagram! We should follow each other. My username is nancysoup


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