Wednesday, May 2, 2012

I wanna be like Mike!

...Michael Phelps that is.
If asked, the ONLY thing that ranks higher than swimming lessons for Timmy are Star Wars Lego.  Swimming is definitely a close second though.  And this Mommy couldn't be happier!!!

I could just hug Marilyn, Timmy's amazing swim teacher.  She's been giving lessons on Bainbridge for close to 30 years and the kiddos absolutely adore her.  Rightfully so! Not only does she foster a love of water for children, but she teaches them water safety as well.  Her private indoor pool, which she keeps at a comfy 88 degrees, is spacious, yet cozy, colorful, and has a separate kiddo locker room, potty area, and sound proof toy room so siblings can play (or scream, as is Gemma's case...little girl desperately wants to go swimming too!) without disrupting the lesson. 

In just a few short months, Timmy has gone from refusing to put his face underwater, to blowing bubbles for over 5 seconds (count it out! That's actually pretty long!), kicking like a crazy kid, and SWIMMING across the short length of the pool.  MY KID IS SWIMMING!!!!!!!!!

I tried to get a video of this amazing accomplishment but to no avail.  The amount of moisture in the air (indoor pools in Washington...just another thing I miss about California) made for a pretty gritty video.  So I tried my best to capture some pictures on my phone, all while trying to keep Gemma from making a quick escape to jump in the pool.  One little girl who has no fear of the water!
Timmy with Marilyn and his little pal Tim (yes, two Timothy's in the class). I swear, will this kid ever smile regularly for the camera??!! I guess a smirk is close enough.
 TIMMY SWIMS!!!!!!!!!!!!  Okay, so it wasn't exactly graceful, but the dude is doing it!
Marilyn always makes sure the kids get to play with toys on the last day of each session.  I took this picture about a month ago.  

Of course I hope Timmy wants to join the swim team someday.  I look back at my days with SRVLA with nostalgia.  Well, everything but the 5:30 morning workouts or the push ups Bruce would punish me with for talking too much.  What thrills me most though, is watching the sheer joy on my little boy's face as he screams to me from the water, "Mommy! Mommy, did you see me swim??  I swam all the way!  All the way across the pool!"  Melts my heart. 

This summer?  Swimming in Morgan's pool, rafting down the river at our family cabin, and definitely more lessons!

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