Monday, May 21, 2012

I got perfect chomps!

Maybe it's just me but there's something I find incredibly amusing about taking a toddler to see the dentist.   Am I the only one who feels this way?
I took Timmy for his first visit, which apparently is called a "happy visit", a year ago.  Timmy allowed the dentist to count his teeth.  That's it.  He took one look at all the bizarre looking cleaning instruments and gave me the look of "oh, hell no".  Then when he did a face plant in the street a couple months afterwards (I swear he gives accident prone an entirely new meaning) and his right front tooth turned an almost immediate shade of brown, I hauled him in for x-rays.  Thankfully for him, his tooth wasn't too damaged because wow did I learn a factoid that day: if a child's baby tooth falls out (like we feared would happen to Timmy's) most dentists will do NOTHING (yes, nothing) after the tooth falls out.  No tooth implant or anything, and instead just wait for the adult tooth to come in.  Okay, so the dude is THREE!!!  I had visions of him walking around Bainbridge with a huge gaping hole where his front tooth used to be, for 3 or 4 years, until the adult tooth came in!!!  Thankfully though, the tooth remained a nasty brown (or according to Timmy, "poop color, Mommy!") for a couple months, before gradually lightening again.  Whew!
Little dude insisted on bringing his toy dinosaur with him:)

Well at last week's visit Timmy decided it was okay to have his teeth cleaned.  He informed me afterwards it was funny because it tickled...oh, and that he liked the bubblegum fluoride too.  Anything to keep that kid from fearing the dentist.  And according to Dr. Russell, the dude has great chomps!  Thank goodness because I'm a psycho about brushing...

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