Friday, May 4, 2012

Hair today, gone tomorrow

Timmy's hair has gotten, to put it bluntly, OUT OF CONTROL.  The dude has been blessed with a massive head of hair but right now it looks more like a helmet.  When wet, it hangs well below his eyes and he refuses to let me even attempt a comb or brush.  He's also sporting some serious cradle cap that I need to figure out how to get rid of once and for all.  Ideas anybody?  I've tried just about everything.  (Thankfully Gemma does not have this problem!)
Yes kiddo, you are in definite need of a haircut.

I love Timmy's hair lady, Anna.  She's fast, cheap, and great with kids. Oh, and she's a total gossip so I get to learn all the Bainbridge "news" while she cuts Timmy's locks.  Now that I'm no longer riding the boat every morning to work, I'm at a loss for all those juicy stories you'd see in a localized version of the National Enquirer...if there ever was one. 

Well Timmy said he wanted his hair SHORT.  "Short Mommy, just like Sam P."  (Yes, Jeannie, YOUR Sam!) It's bittersweet for this Mommy.  Timmy is such a weird kiddo and I love his shaggy hair.  And this new cut makes him look SO much older.  Still a handsome devil, but older. 

Thank you, Timmy, for hamming it up for the camera this time:) 

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