Monday, April 23, 2012

Weekends like this I love calling BAINBRIDGE ISLAND home!

70 degrees out and absolutely beautiful.  I am so lucky I get to live on such a gorgeous island. Getting to have dinner at The Pub with good friends for a "real" date Saturday evening was just icing on the cake.  Let's just say dates are few and far between.

We are finally finishing our bathroom remodel (which we started BEFORE Timmy was born...) so I took the kids to Blakely Harbor while Jim worked some construction magic.  Lately Timmy has decided the camera is not the devil so I'm actually able to capture some pics of him SMILING...or at least making his "funny face". 
Yes, we still always have a stick in hand...
Bainbridge Island at Blakely Harbor, looking East toward Seattle.  Gorgeous.

Thankfully Gemma doesn't eat sand the way Timmy used to at that age. 
Timmy's "funny face"
For the time being, this is the closest I can get at capturing a picture of Gemma smiling.  She's totalling sporting a mullet right now...and her hair in the back gets curlier everyday.  Total cutie pie.

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