Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Outdoorsy kiddos

As much as I still miss the Bay Area, I really can't complain about living on Bainbridge.  It's truly a gorgeous island.  (For all you non-WA peeps who follow my blog, here's a great link about the gorgeous island I now call home: http://www.bainbridgeisland.com/about-bainbridge-island)  And with this great weather we've been having recently (well...great, according to Washington standards!) we've been spending as much time outdoors as possible.  Shoot me if my kiddos ever end up the type who veg in front of the television all day long.

Our newest find on the island is Blakely Harbor Park.  How have I lived on this island for nearly 10 years and never been here before?  Timmy and Gemma had a blast, especially in this bizarre empty warehouse (really not sure what to call it) that was completely covered in graffiti, 95% tastefully.  
Total shocker that neither kiddo ended up wading in the water.  Cannot tell you how many times we've gone to any of the waterfront parks on the island, only to come home absolutely dripping wet.
Timmy and Gemma checking out the graffiti.
Yes, we'll definitely be back here.  No, I don't plan on turning the dude loose with a can of spray paint anytime soon.
Jim and I dream of one day having a home on the water.  Thankfully, we have plenty of friends who do! Carol and Sandy, great friends of ours we hang out with at Bainbridge Bakers invited us to spend Saturday afternoon at their place.  SO MUCH FUN.  Their low bank sandy beach is a hidden treasure.  I should have put the kiddos in shorts because of course they made a beeline for the water.  Gemma insisting on inspecting the rocks 3 feet from the shoreline (they must be better somehow!), and Timmy hauling his bucket full of water back and forth to make a lake.  Sandy helped the kids find sand dollars, turning over large rocks to look for crabs, and showed them their oyster garden. They had a blast!

By the end of the afternoon, Gemma was soaked up to her stomach, and loving every minute of it.  Didn't seem to bother he in the least that it was only 60 degrees outside.  Little stinker insisted on sitting down in the water:)
When Mommy bakes, the kiddos "help".  Timmy had a preschool party at the KidiMu so I baked rainbow cupcakes.  I know I'm bragging when I say they were a total hit.  But they were.  I had enough people ask me how I made them so I'll get that posted up here soon. 
Timmy, after chugging TWO spinach/kale/fruit smoothies.  I'll post that recipe sometime as well.  He and Gemma have one nearly everyday.  No joke, Timmy would drink his smoothie before eating a slice of pizza.  What an odd kid he is sometimes.
Crazy thinking how it's already mid-April! This summer is going to be a blast.  4 camping trips (Cape Disappointment, Fort Stevens, Ohanapecosh, and Kalaloch/Ruby Beach) at some of the most amazing campgrounds in Washington, with some awesome friends of ours (SUPER EXCITED Randall's and Anderson's!!!), 2.5 weeks at our family cabin, Timmy's 4th (FOURTH??!!!) birthday, Jim and my 9th anniversary, and my sister Erin's wedding in San Luis Obispo.  Hoping, just hoping, that in between all the summer craziness that we can squeeze in more than a couple bbq's with friends, walks to the beach, and swimming...in a certain somebody's pool (hint, hint Morgan) in their condo complex.  I have a pretty fantastic life.

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