Thursday, April 12, 2012

My first sewing class!

Everyone has their list of things they would do differently if they could turn back the clock for a second chance.  Mine includes, among others: learning to play the piano & violin, sticking with the ballet lessons I abandoned in grade school, and studying abroad.
And right there on that list would definitely be learning to sew.  Why why why was such a whiny little brat (and totally uninterested) when my mother, who is an AMAZING seamstress, wanted to teach me?  The dresses, skirts, hair ties, blankets, name, that she made for us as children were flat out fantastic.  And the Halloween costumes??!!  She never let us down.  Not even once.  Flapper costumes, baton twirler, Cleopatra, clown, bunny...everything. 

I'll admit that if Gemma had been a boy, I might not be quite as interested in learning to sew as I am currently.  But there's something about being able to make a one of a kind dress for my daughter, just like my mom did for me.  Well, and it's a bit embarrassing having to ask your own mom to sew your kids Halloween costumes every year...even though I know she likes doing it!

So I've signed up for the beginners sewing class at Esther's here on Bainbridge.  My mind is already swimming with images of twirly dresses, loaded with ruffles, frill, and what have you. I think our first project though, is some kind of pillow.   My first class is this Saturday.  Slightly nervous...I don't typically step out of my comfort zone and try something entirely new all that often.  Oh, and this means Jim will be delegated the super fun task of getting Gemma down for a morning nap.  Have I mentioned she hates the bottle and sippy cup?  Poor Daddy Voss.  I already feel sorry for him...

I'll post a picture of my first masterpiece/pillow on Saturday.  That is, unless it's a colossal failure.

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