Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Is there anybody out there?

No, not a reference to the Pink Floyd song.  Although, Timmy has recently developed a liking to their music...especially "Another Brick in the Wall" and "Money"...not sure if that's a good thing just yet.  Just an incredible curiosity to know who actually reads this blog.  You see, my "blogger stats" tell me I get well over 1,000 hits (mind blowing to this girl!) each month.  Curious because I only have 14 followers.  I know some of you are "lurkers", and that's okay.  I guess my question is, are you enjoying the blog?  Too many pictures, not enough text? Any suggestions or ideas to make it more interesting?  Either way, it's a fun outlet for this a day otherwise consumed by preschool, Legos, nursing, poop, naptimes, Dr. Seuss, trucks, and temper tantrums.


  1. Me, but you knew that. :)

    Love the updates, photos, stories, perspective and creativity.


  2. I'm reading! I'll start following---I love your posts.

  3. Thanks guys! Just morbid curiosity on my part. Amazing the information you can get from Google Stats. Well...amazing and a little frightening too.

  4. I love the blog Tara. So glad we ran into each other in Hawaii and now get to be apart of each other's worlds from afar (especially because said worlds are so similar). Keep on writing! :)

  5. Cindy, thank you! I was SO glad to run into you too. Such a small world, isn't it? It's thrilling to know people actually enjoy reading my blog.


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