Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Easter fun

Just a nice, relaxing weekend in Portland with Jim's family! We took the kiddos to an Easter egg hunt in Gresham.  Timmy totally cleaned up...Gemma enjoyed ripping out grass.  Either way, this girl was just thankful for 3 days of gloriously sunny weather.  It's been long overdue!
Waiting for the fun to start.  Yes, Timmy picked out his own basket.  He wanted the PINK one:)
 I think Jim and I are cursed for family photo attempts.  Super windy that morning (can you tell??!!) At least Timmy is smiling.  He's usually the dude who hates having his picture taken.
 By the end of the Easter egg hunt, Timmy's bag was heaping with all kinds of goodies.
Gemma and I at Rich & Susan's new house.  I love that on a clear day, you have a fantastic view of Mt. Hood.  Really looking forward to backpacking that again with the kiddos someday.  Stressing the word "someday"...

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