Thursday, March 15, 2012

Gemma's 1st birthday!

How can my little girl already be a year old??!! Seems like just yesterday that I was rushed off the 7:05 Bainbridge ferry in an ambulance for Swedish...Gemma born a mere 20 minutes later. I remember being terrified that I could never love a child like I love Timmy, and how all those fears disappeared the first time I saw her. Gemma, like her older brother, has a mischevious gleam in her eye that I'm sure will result in all kinds of trouble someday. Early walker (10 months!), constant babbler, book lover, and social butterfly. Possibly, her favorite time of the day is bathtime. She shows that same stubborn streak (I blame you for this, Auntie Lindsay) and intense blue eyes as Timmy. She's absolutely perfect.
Every little girl needs at least one dolly, and what could be better than Rainbow Brite? Yes, I'm reliving my youth vicariously through Gemma. Probably paid too much for this off Ebay, but thankfully she loves it.
What could go better with a Rainbow Brite doll than a rainbow birthday cake??!! Just like Timmy, Gemma definitely favored the ice cream we made her (mint, Thin Mint...super yummy).

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