Saturday, February 18, 2012

MAUI!!! (week 1)

Okay, so our family is BEYOND LUCKY that Jim's folks take the entire family to Maui.  Two glorious weeks (minus the nearly unbearable flight out) in the sun is exactly what this girl needed! What can I say? I've lived in Washington for a decade now (wow!!!) but I still crave my childhood California weather. 

Week 1 we stayed at the Westin Kaanapali. Absolutely gorgeous!!! Timmy thoroughly enjoyed himself in the kids pirate ship pool, going boogie boarding with Daddy, building sand castles on the beach, his first taste of shaved ice, and happily obliged (most of the time) to let Mommy load on bottle after bottle of sunscreen.  Gemma splashed to her heart's content and shockingly, didn't eat too much sand! Oh, and did I mention she's totally a walking girl now???!!! Got her big brother beat by a good 3-4 months there:)

Rich and Susan, THANK YOU for such a fantastic trip.

 Many an hour was spent in the pool, splashing with Timmy, and going down the toddler waterslides.

 Cousins, and buddies, most of the time.  Timmy and Matty are so close in age (though certainly not in height!!!) that I think those two will have a love/hate relationship for quite a while. 

 Timmy getting ready to go boogie boarding with Daddy! The little dude really surprised me this year with how anxious he was to "surf".  With plenty of assistance, he even caught a couple waves too!

 Gemma, my little water baby, was nothing but smiles on the beach. She loved the sand, loved the water, did NOT love sunscreen. What an ordeal that was multiple times a day.


 Timmy's facial expressions are priceless.
 You just gotta write your name in the sand...well, mommy has to at least.
 Beautiful Gemma Lindsay

 On the beach in Lahaina
Will post pictures of week 2 soon...

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