Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Holidays...PART 1

So Timmy and his buddy Samuel are thick as thieves.  And with the boys getting so into Christmas this year, Bethany and I thought it would be great fun to try our hand at homemade gingerbread houses.  SO MUCH FUN!!!  www.ultimategingerbread.com is a fantastic resource for all things gingerbread.  I was able to download stencil designs for a basic house, printed them off, made the gingerbread, cut out the shapes, and assembled.  With how easy it was to do them, let's just say Bethany and I are going to get a little more ambitious next year.  Seriously, that site has some crazy stencils/designs you can download!
 Before the real fun begins! Bethany went to town at the T&C getting all kinds of bulk candy for the boys to decorate with.
 ...and believe me, I use the term decorate loosely! While we helped the boys with getting the royal icing on the houses, they threw as many pieces of candy as they could at these houses.  Although I'm still uncertain whether it was as much as what ended up in their bellies! Definite sugar high by the end of the evening.
 And what did my beautiful Gemma do while the boys decorated???  Hung out in her new favorite room of course! Wreaking havoc with the toilet paper.
 I think it was at about this point that we had to repeatedly remind the boys that the idea was to decorate with the candy, not just eat it...
 So our next fun activity was to do Zoo Lights at the Point Defiance Zoo & Aquarium in Tacoma.  Janel, Becky, and I took the kiddos...and the Daddies of course...on a Sunday evening.  I had heard about this for years and somehow never got around to going.  Timmy absolutely loved it!  The lights were amazing although I'm not sure which he enjoyed more, the lights or riding the carousel.  Either way, even though it was freaking cold outside, it was a very memorable evening.
A little blurry, but you get the idea of just the sheer amount of lights the zoo sets up for this event!

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