Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Holidays...PART 3

We spent 2 weeks with my family in California for Christmas this year.  It always goes by too quickly, but I cherished every second of it...spending quality time with Mom, Lindsay, and Erin, making all the Christmas cookies that Lindsay hates, taking Timmy on walks to see the lights, hitting up thrift stores with Lindsay to find special "treasures" to wrap up from Santa, eating entirely too much food, playing construction with Timmy in the yard, taking Timmy and Gemma to San Francisco, seeing Janel, Roberta, Ashley, and getting a visit from Santa.  It was a perfect trip!
It's a sunny, 65 degree day in Grass Valley and what are the husbands doing??? Gaming...what else?
Timmy chilling outside with Auntie Lindsay. 

Santa (aka Dusty from across the street) is a FANTASTIC Santa!!! We were beyond lucky that he came to pay Timmy and Gemma a special visit.
Gemma is super stealthy at ripping ornaments off the tree at home...but ripping ribbons off gifts at Grandma's is just as fun.
This picture is proof that I am holding children for entirely too many hours in a day...
Lindsay and I had no problem wearing ugly Christmas outfits (although the sheer ugliness of mine is masked by Gemma) but it just didn't seem fair to do that to my adorable little girl.  Maybe next year.
My brother in law, Tim.  Not only is he a super cool guy, but he's a phenomenal chef, and loves playing with Timmy and Gemma. 
I saw this song pop up on Mom's Sirius radio and couldn't believe it.
Grandma Nikki with Timmy and Gemma.  Poor little girl had just eaten a ton of raspberries and her face broke out in a rash.  Probably not one of my finer decisions as a mommy...
Timmy, Daddy, and 2 of the coolest uncles ever: Uncle Tim and Uncle Sean!
Of course Timmy was thrilled with his new excavator from Auntie Lindsay and Uncle Tim
Auntie Erin and Auntie Lindsay
Wouldn't be Christmas for Timmy without some Legos...
And of course I spent half our visit trying to keep Gemma out of the bathroom!
I don't think Timmy has ever seen a pile of dirt, or construction toy, that he didn't like.  I swear, that kid doesn't just play in the dirt, he practically takes a bath in it.
My beautiful baby girl.  9.5 months already!
Timmy loved riding the cable cars in San Francisco...and BART too.
One of my all time most favorite people ever - Roberta Morris (aka Grandma Mo)
Playdate with Ashley and John's little boy, Cole.
Flying remote control helicopters with Uncle Tim!

This Christmas was truly one of the best ever!  And I've got a lot to look forward to in the coming months: a 2-week vacation to Maui (YES!!!!!) with Jim's family and Gemma's 1st birthday.  How can this little girl I just brought home from the hospital be almost a year old??!! I have a feeling 2012 is going to be a great year.

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