Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Holidays...PART 2

Before Timmy and Gemma came along, Jim and I used to do Christmas parties.  Just the thought of planning one now makes me shudder.  So we decided on something much more low key...a dinner potluck with friends.  Bethany, Janel, Becky, and I meet up with the kiddos every Wednesday for playgroup, taking turns at each others houses.  Between us there are 4 toddlers and 4 infants so it's usually pretty chaotic, but incredibly fun too.  And of course, there's always a couple meltdowns or tantrums!  Timmy, Samuel, Elsa, and Taylor are a little more spread apart in age...ranging from 3.5 to 2, but Gemma, Luke, Nora, and Sophie were all born within 6 months of one another.  I smile thinking how they'll all grow up together in the same grade.
It "only" took us about 10 shots to get a decent picture where nobody is crying, running off, pulling at someone elses hair...
You see, girls love the Legos (well, Duplos) just as much as the boys do!
A couple days later my Dad and stepmom, Joan, came for a visit/early Christmas since we'll be at my Mom's this year in California.  Timmy was spoiled rotten with more fingerpaint, paper, and art supplies than any kid knows what to do with.  Little dude is cranking out art work like it's his job lately.  It's a nice change of pace from 24/7 Star Wars Legos and construction!
My Dad and Gemma (9.5 months)
This picture of my Dad and Joan with the kiddos couldn't have turned out better! Timmy, normally one to literally run away from the camera, totally hammed it up. 

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