Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Thanksgiving, the Polar Express, and Christmas decorating!

Thanksgiving and the 4th of July are my favorite holidays of the year.  Don't get me wrong, I love Christmas...especially the decorations, but these holidays are always centered around family.  To me, family is EVERYTHING.  And we had a wonderful Thanksgiving this year in Portland with Jim's family.  The icing on the cake was taking Timmy, Gemma, and their cousin, Matty, to ride the Polar Express to see Santa.  For all you Portland peeps, you can ride the train from Hood River...it's sooooo much fun, especially for the little ones.  Timmy is huge into Santa Claus this year and was beyond excited that he got to ride to the North Pole to see Santa in person!  Elves rode the train with all the kids, dressed in their pajamas (just like in the story), they served hot chocolate & cookies, sang Christmas carols, and each received a silver bell.  Obviously Gemma is too little to understand Christmas; however, she always loves a big crowd...she had a great time.

 Timmy listening to Foster The People - "Pumped Up Kicks" on Daddy's nano.  It's his favorite song...he sings it to himself all the time.  Absolutely hilarious.
 Helping Nanie get the turkey ready on Thanksgiving.
 Cousins...and buddies! Matty and Timmy.
 Mommy and Gemma on the Polar Experss.  She had taken a header into the table earlier in the day so she's got a nice shiner on her cheek.  Poor girl:(
Our attempt at a family picture. Not at all flattering of the kiddos but at least Mommy and Daddy are smiling! 

 All the kiddos with their Poppy:)
 Truly priceless! Gemma's first time seeing Santa.  I don't think this picture really captures how fascinated she was with his beard...
 Timmy shows Santa his "ticket" to ride the Polar Express...and to tell him he wants "a fire truck with a hydrolic platform (except he says "hy-dry-it" because the dude can't say his L sound yet), an ambulance with flashing lights, some dinosaurs, and a big bad wolf with 3 little piggies.  We read that story (seriously) everyday.
 Timmy helping Mommy decorate the tree.  Yes, that's food all over his face...at least he's wearing pants though.  Those of you who know Timmy well know that the dude is NOT a fan of clothing:)

I'll say that our annual trek to Hubert's, out in Seabeck, to cut down our tree, was eventful this year.  Because of our crazy holiday calendar, we knew the Sunday after Thanksgiving was literally our one day to drive out there and get our tree.  And of course it was a torrential downpour!  We strapped Timmy and Gemma in the Subaru, all bundled up, hoping the weather might break a bit so they could help with "the hunt".  No such luck.  So while Jim did loops in the car around the tree farm, I searched for the perfect tree with our friend Morgan, in the rain and mud.  Then Jim and I swapped spots while he chopped the tree down.  He had no sooner gotten the trees on top of the car when we realized the car battery had died.  So Jim got to push the car in the rain down the hill to where somebody could give us a jump.  Timmy's commentary in the back seat about how the car had died, was pretty funny.  But now the tree is up, lights and ornaments on, garlands, house lights, elves decorations, you name it.  Timmy loves pointing out all the decorations to his little buddies when they come over to play.
 So...someone has recently discovered the toilet. Ugh...Gemma just LOVES to splash in the darn thing so I'm constantly cleaning it.  The little lady is cruising now, already taken a barrel roll down the stairs, and loves to play with big brother's Legos, trucks, and dinosaurs.  Not a doll, Barbie, or My Little Pony to be seen in this Voss house...yet.

Super excited to head on down to California to spend 2 weeks with my family over Christmas and New Years.  Just crossing my fingers Gemma doesn't decide to pitch an all out rage session on the way down...I'm flying solo with the kiddos...Jim is flying down a couple days later.  Merry Christmas everybody!

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