Thursday, July 14, 2011

Finally feels like SUMMER!!!

FINALLY...I feel like we at least got a taste of summer.  It's been loooooong overdue!  It's just too bad we had to go to California to get it.  We spent 2 weeks over the 4th of July at our cabin in Forest Glen and I cherished every second of it.  Our decision to drive the 14 hour trek there turned out to be no big deal.  Yes, Gemma exercised her lungs on a fairly regular basis, but nothing even close to what Jim and I were dreading.  Timmy was thrilled that he got to float on the river this year, we caught frogs together (and a turtle too!), ate entirely too many pancakes, he camped with his Daddy in the tent (and loved it), and Gemma was nearly an angel for the entire visit.  It always goes by too quickly.

Timmy never ceases to shock me with his remarkable ability to understand how things "work".  He was an absolutely amazing helper to Jim in constructing his new play structure in the back yard.  All Jim would have to say is something like "hey buddy, can you get me 4 bolts, the hammer, and the drill?" and Timmy would run off, grab the supplies, and hurry on back.  Cutest thing ever!  Jim taught him how to use the impact driver so with a ton of supervision, Timmy actually got to help with the assembly. 

Gemma is 4 months old now.  Time just seems to fly lately.  She handles being on her tummy far better than Timmy did at this age, she's already rolling over from her belly to back (actually, she did this at around 2.5 months!), and is 90% of the way there in going from her back to belly.  She and Timmy are still thick as thieves, she loves to have people talk to her, is SO smiley, has those same intense blue eyes as big brother, but always has one crazy temper...just like big brother too at that age.

 Little guy loves ANYTHING construction!
 Getting to use the impact driver
 My little lady...already 4 months old:)
A nearly finished product!
 My little lady...already 4 months old:)
 Getting ready to head down to the river
 I love these two more than anything in the world
 Timmy wanted to wear his Auntie Lindsay's hat all the time
 Timmy's first float down the river!
 Reading stories with Auntie Lindsay before bedtime
 Getting ready for another float...

 Can you imagine a more beautiful place to be?
 My sister Lindsay and her husband Tim, one of the most amazing chefs there is!

 Erin and I with my childhood friend Sara.  Our moms have been friends since grade school and we've known each other since we were in diapers:)
 Gemma with her Uncle Tim and Auntie Lindsay
 Leave it to Jim and Timmy's uncles to teach Timmy to say "it's a full moon tonight" while dancing half naked on the table during a party at our cabin.  I have some hilarious video footage of this.

 Roasting smores at Betty's cabin
 Timmy was so wired after all the sugar that he was literally running laps outside to burn off energy!
 Such a proud Daddy:)
 Our attempt at a family picture with Grandma Nikki.  Trying to get both Timmy and Gemma to look at the camera is impossible...
 Little guy loved throwing rocks in the river and chasing after the frogs!
My Mom and Gemma.  I love this picture.

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