Tuesday, May 31, 2011

I'm seriously starting to doubt that spring will ever arrive in Seattle.  We get these little teasers...you know, a couple of days where shockingly the weather gets into the high 60's, it's partly sunny outside, and everyone on Bainbridge races for the outdoors.  Then the rain hits again...and again, and again.  I honestly do think of Washington as home now but ugh, it's times like this that I REALLY miss Alamo.  I would have had a tan by now:(

Gemma will be 3 months old this week.  How did that happen so fast!!??  Text book colicky, just like Timmy, but I love that little girl more everyday.  Timmy is fiercely protective of his baby sister and she completely adores him.  She'll crane her neck to watch anything he's doing and loves when he sings her his funny made up songs, gives her kisses, or tries to hold her hand.  Crossing my fingers they will always be this tight!  We were at toddler story hour at the library a couple weeks ago and one of Timmy's little pals, Gracie, tried to touch Gemma's feet.  Timmy marched right over to her and quite seriously said, "don't you touch my baby sister Gemma Yinzy's feet!"  (little dude can't say his L sound yet so "Lindsay" always comes out as "Yinzy"...and YES, he always says her first and middle name.)  Afterwards he repeatedly told me how he was protecting HIS sister from that mean girl Gracie.  He's still fixated on it even now.  I can barely say the name Gracie and he instantly tells me the story from the library.  Wonder how long that will go on for!

Gemma gave me a nice 3 week dose of decent night time sleeping there for a while.  No joke, this little girl was sleeping from 8:30 until 5:00, sometimes even later, before waking up to nurse.  Let's just say certain body parts felt huge by then, but the sleep was AWESOME!!!  Totally gone now though.  She's back to waking up at 2:30 and 5:40 and rarely going to sleep afterwards.  The sun rises just after 5:00 these days and the freaking birds are so loud with their chirping that there's no way that little lady is going to snooze any later.  At least she doesn't wake up Timmy.

She's still raging as much as ever.  She screams inside Safeway, Costco, the KidiMu, park, you name it.  The looks of pity I get from people when I'm out and around town are pretty classic.  On a high note though, between the nursing and mega-walks I'm doing around the island (carrying Gemma in the Ergo and pushing Timmy in the stroller) I am burning some serious calories.  If the weather is even remotely decent, we are outside.  It's one of the few things that seems to keep her somewhat happy.  I keep telling myself that Timmy was the exact same way (so totally true) and that when she hits 6 months, she'll turn into the funny and quirky kid that her older brother is.  I do go back and forth though, between a good laugh or a good cry, that Jim and I seem to produce babies who don't understand the word "happy" or "chill". 

Couple other Voss family tidbits: Jim is training for his 2nd marathon, the Seattle Rock & Roll which is at the end of June.  He seriously impresses me with his training.  Did an 18 mile run around the south end of Bainbridge (even running Toe Jam Hill which for you non-Bainbridge peeps, is a crazy one!) on Saturday morning.  He's working crazy days again too!  Leaves the house around 5:30, squeezes in a run at Bangor during work, gets home around 5:00 so he can have some quality time with Timmy and Gemma before they go to bed at 8:30, but is usually up until midnight working again.  Needless to say, we are both REALLY looking forward to our annual 4th of July trip to our cabin in a couple weeks. 

We are also building a workshop/play house.  In the almost 8 years Jim and I have been married, I have come to accept that any project we do, and there have been a ton over the years, will not only cost double the amount I expect it to, but will almost always morph into something much bigger than originally drafted.  This project was originally going to be just a 200 sq ft workshop/shed.  It's now a 2 story structure with the workshop on the main level, and a playhouse for Timmy and Gemma on top!  Complete with a 8 x 13 foot deck on the 2nd level as well!  Timmy LOVES to watch all the construction.  Wait till he sees the play structure that he's getting this summer too, complete with slide, swings, monkey bars, rings, climbing wall, and rope ladder! 

That's about it.  Here are the pictures...sometimes I wonder if people actually read the text or just scroll past to see my cute little ones!
 She smiles!!!

 Timmy loves his baby sister.  Melts my heart...
 Just like Timmy, Gemma loves bathtime...
 ...although I know this picture begs to differ.  She can really dish out the stink eye!

 Jim and his college buddy Mike with his daughter Annaliese.
 Timmy, Gemma, and I at the Cannery Cove Park on Bainbridge.  We have been spending a ton of time here lately.  Timmy loves hanging out near the water, walking on the logs, pestering the geese, you name it!
The workshop/play house thus far.  There will be a pretty cool deck on the second level for Timmy and Gemma too! 

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  1. apparently jim does do roofs, get his ass over here for some fixing!!!


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