Wednesday, April 13, 2011

some serious sleep deprivation... the Voss house.  Let's just say a certain little lady takes after her big brother in entirely too many ways.  She can flip on the "rage switch" at the drop of a hat and I'm in danger of wearing a figure eight in our carpet from the nonstop pacing in order to induce any sort of sleep on her part!  Getting up 4+ times a night to nurse, with the added bonus of Gemma not always falling asleep afterwards.  Ugh.  Don't get me wrong, I love this little girl to pieces but, WOW, you forget how difficult those first couple months can be.  Thankfully Timmy is being a total champ.  He's still sleeping through the night, sharing toys with Gemma (he seriously cannot understand why she doesn't play Legos with him yet), and only regressed slightly with potty training. 

Just like Timmy, Gemma's eyes get more beautiful blue everyday! They could pass for twins if they were the same age. She's got the same knack for giving me the stink eye, but thankfully is dishing out a real smile to a grateful Mommy every now and then. She loves going for walks in the Ergo, and Timmy has decided he's okay with sitting in the stroller now, so whenever the weather is decent (which hasn't been too much lately) we make the trek into town, often stopping at our favorite coffee shop, Bainbridge Bakers, for a decaf latte and a treat for Timmy.

Beautiful baby Gemma...
...raging with all her might.
Timmy is so cute about giving his sister plenty of kisses...and Legos.
My snuggle buddy.
Timmy is going through a phase of nakedness around the house.  He insists on going "commando" at all hours and frequently removes his clothing during naptime.  I came in to his bedroom one afternoon to check on him and found the above view.  Too hilarious to not snap a picture!
Am starting to wonder if spring, and some much needed sunshine will EVER arrive.  Not that this ever stops Timmy from being outdoors.
Timmy riding his Strider bike.  He has got the balancing thing totally down.  No concept of what is, and isn't, dangerous though.  A couple weeks after Gemma was born, he got going too fast on a street in our neighborhood, hit some gravel and flew face first onto the street.  Thank goodness for bike helmets!  No broken bones or teeth, but plenty of small rocks that had to be removed from his forehead, and LOTS of tears.  His first major fall, likely not his last, but he seriously looked like he had the crap beaten out of him.  Needless to say, I got a lot of stares from other moms when I took him to Costco a couple days later. 
Poor little dude.  Amazing how quickly he healed though.
Jim vicariously reliving his youth through Timmy...Star Wars Legos.  Daddy is dropping a small fortune on these things, and Timmy practically begs to take them apart and put them back together every night after dinner.
Yes, the power cord is off.  But Timmy loves to pretend though.  The garage is still probably his favorite room in the house.  Jim's getting ready to build a huge work shop in the back yard this summer and Timmy is beyond excited to "help" his Daddy build it.
Little dude tried SO HARD to pull this...

Our new favorite hangout spot, the Cannery Cove Park.  It's finally open and only a quarter mile from our house.  An easy walk with Timmy and Gemma.  Of course the first time we went, Timmy made a dash for the water and got totally soaked.  And no, it was not warm outside.  Not that he cared!  I have a feeling we will be spending a ton of time here this summer.

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  1. The naked in bed picture is totally priceless. LOVE it. Classic little boy.

    Wonderful update; I do hope the sleep situation gets better soon. Gemma is such a pretty baby!



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