Tuesday, February 8, 2011


Sorry...don't have as many pictures as usual this month, but plenty of updates:

Timmy has mastered the art of balancing on his Strider. It’s amazing to me that at not quite 2.5 years old, he can fly down our driveway with his feet on the balance bar/stomp pad, and he’s got complete control! If it wasn’t for the fact that I don’t think, cognitively, he’s ready for a big kid bike with pedals, and that his legs are too short to reach them anyway, I would totally get him one right now. There’s something about giving a toddler of that age such total freedom, say to race away from mommy on our street and into oncoming traffic…not realizing what he’s doing is so unbelievably dangerous, that makes me a wee bit nervous.  Jim and I are just waiting for him to realize he can use his stomp pad to actually stand up when he's riding.  I give him a couple weeks...

Timmy also seems to be looking forward to being a big brother. He likes the names we’ve picked out for baby and even helped Mommy put away all the newborn baby clothes from the storage bins. We’ve been trying to really talk up how cool it is to be a big brother, AND all the things he gets to do that the baby won’t get to, in hopes he makes the adjustment well. We’ll see…

We're still doing Little Kickers soccer at The Zone in Poulsbo and Timmy loves it!  There are about 8 kids in Timmy’s class and they meet up for just shy of an hour on Thursday mornings to do some very basic soccer drills and have fun. I know I’m biased and all but, for being the youngest and smallest kid in the class, Timmy is doing remarkably well. It helps that Cami from down the street (who is in the 7th grade) has gifted Timmy no shortage of old soccer balls that he’s been playing with since he was barely a year old. All I care about at this stage is that he’s having fun. It’s a social experience for him and also another opportunity for him to follow instructions from someone other than myself or Jim. I’ll be really psyched when he’s old enough to play waterpolo and lacrosse. Lacrosse is especially popular on Bainbridge. Timmy’s other older buddy Jarod, also from down the street and in the 7th grade, gifted Timmy his very first lacrosse stick last year. The little dude loves to practice scooping up the ball and catching it. At this point, it’s extremely hit and miss but he enjoys it all the same.

(One of my personal favorites...) Timmy has gone from being the most unaffectionate child in the world, to a total hugger and kisser. Obviously, I am loving it!!! If I try to kiss him, he’ll still make a dramatic act of wiping it off about 50% of the time, but that’s okay.

Due date is still February 25th.  We'll see if this baby ends up being as late as Timmy was. Getting anxious and really excited to meet this baby! And yes, to find out if Timmy’s getting a brother or a sister!!!
Trying on Daddy's snowboarding gear.  We REALLY wanted to get Timmy up on his first pair of skiis this year but were nervous to head to Whistler when I'm so close to my due date.  I think next year we'll do plenty of day trips to Hurricane Ridge (it's the closest) and see how he does.  He's certainly excited about it though! 
 Another Lego creation of Daddy and Timmy.  The living room is now officially the "Lego Room"...I don't think I've actually called it the living room in months.  Timmy honestly does not understand why someone would rather do anything than play with Legos...maybe reading a book, especially if it's anything Curious George or by Dr. Seuss, but that's about it.  As soon as dinner is over, the first thing Timmy will always ask is "will you play Legos with me?"  It's so cute because he's so freaking serious when he says it!
I just really liked this picture of Timmy.  What can I say, I'm an incredibly proud Mommy!

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