Monday, January 10, 2011

Christmas in Maui:)

I cannot even begin to describe how awesome 2 fun filled, SUNNY, warm, beach front weeks in Maui was.  Aside from long flights that included sitting for over an hour on the tarmac (not fun with a toddler) and flying coach at 7 months pregnant (extremely uncomfortable), the trip was well worth it.  Timmy thoroughly enjoyed hanging out at the beach or kiddie pool every chance he got, quasi-boogie boarding with his Daddy, goofing off with his cousin Matty, and spending good quality time his with Nannie and Poppy. 

Some of our trip highlights included a visit to the Maui Aquarium (where Timmy got to see Santa swim with the sharks!), the Royal Lahina Luau (although I would do Ulalena as recommended by my sister if I had to do over), dinners at Duke's, Kimo's, Roy's and the Aloha Mixed Plate (another Lindsay recommendation where Jim tried, and loved, the Loco Moco!), Nakalele Blowhole, Napili Beach, Fleming Beach, and the Honolua rain forest. 

We knew we'd have to save other excursions like biking down from the volcano, helicopter rides, whale watching tours, etc. for another time when Timmy is older.  Some day I would really like to see the famous black sand beaches of the big island and also do some snorkeling.
 Timmy at the kiddie pool at our condo.  Many hours were spent here.  He thought he was beyond cool in his red sunglasses.
 Mommy and Timmy checking out the fishies at the Maui Aquarium.
 Timmy got so excited every time he saw someone cleaning out one of the fish tanks.  He got to see Santa in the shark tank and totally freaked out!  Tried to get a picture of it but there were waaaaayyyyy too many people crowded in the room with there little ones too. 
 Timmy and Daddy at the 2nd shark tank.  He was fascinated by the hammer-head sharks...informed me immediately that he needed HIS hammer...oh, and his screw driver and socket wrench too.
 Timmy and Daddy on the beach near our condo in Kahana.  He was a little cautious around the waves but LOVED when Jim would hold him tight as they splashed up against them!
 Salt water and wind did crazy things to the dude's hair...
 Getting ready to do Timmy's version of boogie boarding on the beach with Daddy.
 Family picture...I think taken our first day on the beach so we look beyond pale.  Poor Jim, everybody at works is giving him such a hard time because he doesn't tan AT ALL. 
 On our way to the Nakalele Blowhole.  Even though I had done some research in advance about the hike, it was a little much for me.  Jim had to hold Timmy for nearly 90% of the hike, but getting to see that water shoot 40-50 feet in the air was pretty amazing!
 Timmy telling me he was protecting himself from the rain in Seattle...
 Daddy and Timmy in the rain forest near Honolua.  Timmy was feeding the wild chickens for a while but then decided that he'd rather eat the bread himself.  Typical.
The kid was like a demon with these fountains in the kiddie pool.  All of the kids were though.  Once he figured out how to "aim" the water, you could barely yank him away from the darn things.

Crazy thinking I'm 33 weeks along with baby due in late February.  My doctor and I laughed though at my most recent appointment when she said to brace for another big baby and that I would likely go past my due date again.  Ugh!  Already feeling huge and just a tad bit uncomfortable.  Having a little guy who has suddenly decided he's scared of the dark isn't helping either.  I will say though, that Timmy seems genuinely excited (as much as a 2 year old can be that is) to be a big brother.  His pal Samuel is now a big brother and Timmy got to meet baby Luke last week.  He was thrilled that Samuel's mommy, Bethany, let him hold the baby...talked about it for days afterwards.  Jim and I both think Timmy will be pretty protective of "his baby" as he likes to call his brother/sister. 


  1. Love the pictures - you look so cute! I think Timmy is going to be an incredible big brother. I can't wait to hear about baby #2... hopefully you'll post it on FB so we all can know?!

  2. Andersons in SequimJanuary 20, 2011 at 2:22 PM

    Great pictures - looks like a fun trip!


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