Thursday, December 9, 2010

Long overdue catchup

Crazy how quickly the last couple months have cruised on by!  Timmy is now in his new "big boy" bedroom, sleeping in his "big boy" bed, and thinking he is beyond cool.  He had more fun than a dude knows what to do with in helping his Daddy plaster and paint the walls to get his new room all space-themed out...I think it took us a good 2 weeks to get all the blue paint out of his hair and off his body.  He's added the socket wrench to the arsenal of tools he knows how to use, and the garage is still his favorite room in the house.  He likes "fixing" things and recently informed me he plans to (no joke here) knock down the wall between the garage and laundry room with his hammer and screw driver.  He's also becoming a regular Dana Carvey with all his funny voices and sound effects.  Legos are still absolute favorite toy but, a close second is a new toy I found recommended on this childhood pre-engineering blog called Gears!Gears!Gears!  If you have a toddler who loves Legos as much as mine, check out the GGG.  They are awesome!  And...about a third the cost of Legos.  Major plus for me!

 Timmy's "funny face".  90% of the time he refuses to smile at the camera and will only make this face.  Jim turned him loose with the plaster, trowel and step ladder and Timmy went crazy "helping" Jim fix up his new big boy bedroom.  We ended up going with a space theme.  His wallpaper on the top half of the walls is covered with stars, the border has all the planets, and his bedspread is the solar system.  He has most of the planets memorized, his favorite being "little baby Pluto".  I don't feel like crushing his bubble by letting him know it's technically not considered a planet anymore! 
 ...He went crazy with the blue paint too.  It got EVERYWHERE but he had soooooo much fun. 
Timmy and Mommy. there's still wet drips coming down the wallpaper in this picture but you get a general idea of how Timmy's room turned out.  I think it's pretty cool!  Jim got special metallic paint and painted Timmy's ceiling fan to look like a NASA satellite too.
 We took Timmy to the Sunrise Hill Farm in Kingston again this year to search for pumpkins.  Jim likes the real gnarly, weird looking ones and carves some super cool designs.  Of course I failed to take a single picture of them but I'm not exaggerating when I say his carvings are pretty badass.  We ended up getting a half green/half orange, 35 pound, odd shaped pumpkin. 
 Bainbridge does such a wonderful, kid friendly, trick or treating along Winslow.  They close off the street to cars and all the local shops decorate their stores, dress in costume, and pass out candy.  We heard the turnout this year was over 5,000 people!  Timmy was a dinosaur...his awesome costume courtesy of my mom who can sew just about anything.  She really tried to teach Lindsay and I to sew when we were little and I had absolutely no patience for it.  Kind of kicking myself over that now.  Anyway, Timmy was really big into "ROARing" like a dinosaur.  And apparently there is some video of Trogdor the Burninator that is really popular on the web so my sister convinced my mom to sew "Trogdor the Burninator" on the front of his costume.  We got quite a few comments from the teenage/college crowd that day...
 Timmy and his buddy Samuel.
 Family picture.  Of course Timmy is not looking at the camera...
 With our Congressman Jay Inslee
Timmy and Mommy
 Timmy "working" in the garage
 We spent Thanksgiving at my mom's house in Grass Valley.  Got all the fun snow that Bainbridge got, just without the 1 - 4 day power outage (depending on what part of the island you live on) that came along with it up here!  Of course Timmy wanted to help his Daddy shovel out the driveway... 

We'll be in Maui for 2 weeks this year over Christmas and New Years with Jim's family.  Cannot wait!  Our flights are at less than stellar times but I guess that's what you get when you cash in on all your miles.  Timmy talks all the time about how excited he is to see the whales, turtles, cars (no clue why on that one), and his COUSIN MATTY!!! who he totally adores.  I'm just looking forward to some relaxing and lots and lots of SUN. 

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