Thursday, September 23, 2010

...and more (not quite so big) news! maybe not quite as huge as the news of the baby, but still pretty darn big to me...I have decided to be a stay at home mommy.  Not the easiest decision to make, but I am confident it is the right one for now.  When I was pregnant with Timmy, I told myself I could totally handle both worlds.  I kidded myself into thinking I wouldn't get as tired as I did, feel like an utter failure every time I dropped Timmy off at daycare, and that I could handle the long hours of being away from him.  I am terrified that one day not too long from now, I'll wake up, realize Timmy is in kindergarden, and wish I had chosen a different path.  When Jim and I found out we were expecting again, we talked long and hard about the idea of me quitting work.  I genuinely like my job, my boss is wonderful, and a good friend, and I enjoy 95% of the people I work with (let's be honest now).  But I love my little guy more than anything in the world and there is no sacrifice I wouldn't make to have the opportunity to stay home with him for these childhood years.  They are only going to happen once, and I am determined not to miss out on them.  That being said, this is going to be a dramatical life style change for us.  Let's just say the budget will be "different".  Timmy is such a social kid that I need to make sure I make playdates, etc. a big priority for him.  We are already part of a bunch of mommy groups, he loves toddler story time at the library, I'm signing him up for Little Kickers (soccer, for you geniuses who couldn't figure that one out), and we'll do the KidsUp play center, and open gym regularly.  I am so excited and so unbelievable scared (but in a good way) of what's ahead of us.  All I know is that my sister and I loved having our Mom home with us.  I want that same thing for Timmy and his little baby brother/sister.

Timmy gets more and more verbal everyday.  He also gets funnier.  I know we are biased and all but seriously, when the teachers at your child's daycare tell you repeatedly how funny your kid is, you start to believe it.  Last week I was picking Timmy up from First Years and his little buddy Henry was getting picked up by his mommy at the same time.  She picks up Henry in the same Chariot bike trailer we have for Timmy and every time he sees it, he breaks into song. Queen..."Bicycle".  We're walking down the hallways as Timmy is singing, "bicycle, bicycle, bicycle (faster now) bicycle, bicycle, bicycle...race, beep-beep!"  Kate (H's mom) asks me, "is Timmy singing Queen?" She was obviously amused, though who wouldn't be?  It was pretty funny.  He's becoming more aware of burping and farting noises, thinking it's wildly hilarious when he does either of the two.  He knows to say "excuse me", but he's certainly not embarrassed of either body function yet. 

 Timmy is still definitely a Mommy's boy, but wow does he love "helping" Daddy around the house.  This is a shot of my 2 dudes clearing some of the yard on the very far end of our property.
 ...and he loves to wear Daddy's shoes too.  Hard not to laugh too much at him when he totally pancakes after attempting to walk in them.
 Timmy's new easel he got from his Nana (Nannie) and Poppy gave him on their last visit up here.  Timmy learns quickly that grandparents = spoiled Timmy.  Any time I would tell him his Nannie and Poppy were coming to visit him he would say "Nannie? Poppy?...PRESENTS!!!"  The morning after he got it, he raced downstairs totally naked so he could get in a couple minutes of coloring time before getting ready for school.
Timmy is a Lego maniac!  He and Daddy spend hours building all kind of crazy stuff together.  Our neighbors, Jennifer & Rupert, got Timmy a Lego garbage truck for his birthday.  He carries it with him everywhere right now.  It's even got a little trash can and shovel.  Oh, and it's orange, which is just an added bonus for Timmy.

I know it's still MONTHS away but Timmy is already talking about Santa Claus:  "Mommy, Santa Claus brings presents"..."Santa Claus has reindeer"..."Santa Claus lands on the roof"..."Santa Clause says HO, HO, HO".  We are already reading Christmas books together.  Yes, in September.  I have a feeling that I'll be getting a little sick of hearing those two words by the time Christmas actually comes around.  We are trying to use it as a learning opportunity of what being a good boy is though.  And if you ask Timmy what a good boy is, he says "no whinin' helicopter".  This all stems from an unplanned toy purchase of a helicopter that (I still can't believe she did this) one of the parents actually brought into the daycare to pick up her son.  Timmy of course saw the thing and went crazy.  All he said for the better part of an hour was the word "helicopter".  I finally told him that if he was a good boy and didn't whine, that "maybe" Daddy would get him the helicopter.  Totally made an imprint on him!  Since then, if he starts to whine (which I am really trying to nip in the bud as much as possible) I tell him I'll take away the helicopter if he whines more.  He always responds "Mommy...good whinin' helicopter".  I respond, "that's right buddy".  Yes, I find toy bribes to be extremely effective sometimes.


  1. Good for you, Tara! I understand the struggle too and constantly go back and forth. :) Are you quitting now or after #2 arrives?

  2. Thanks Ginger! It really was a hard decision to make but I know it's the right one for me. We'll pretty much barely break even (financially) each month but we tried to plan ahead for this and get as much in savings as possible so that it won't be quite the huge shock. My last day is a couple months before #2 arrives so that I can have some special one on one time with just Timmy first. We'll be at my Mom's for Thanksgiving and 2 weeks in Maui for Christmas with Jim's family so hopefully Timmy will have a really fun holiday time!

  3. I'm so HAPPY FOR YOU! I remember talking to you about all this on the ferry many times. When is you last day at work, just think no more early morning ferry rides. If you want to talk about anything, let me know. I will be honest about it all. :-) You will love having more free time well until baby #2 comes along then life changes again. Again, I'm so happy for you! We miss you guys! I'm not sure when our visit to Seattle will be. Jon's parents arrive on Tuesday for 2 weeks! Hanna still talks about the ferry, the people and her old daycare.


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