Sunday, August 22, 2010

Timmy is TWO!

I still cannot believe my little boy is TWO YEARS OLD!!!  A huge baby, born 2 weeks late, text book colicky, and more than a little demanding at times, has turned into such a funny/quirky, lego/outdoor/trucks/book loving, (sometimes) affectionate, still incredibly stubborn and opinionated, but perfect little dude in the world. 

We didn't throw the huge bash of a party we did last year.  Not only was it just a tad too expensive, but I think Timmy has more fun when there is a smaller crowd.  So we had his buddy Samuel, and Jim's folks over for a bbq and birthday cake.  It was, shockingly, in the mid-90's that day (something I thoroughly enjoy rubbing into to all my Bay Area friends who are having one of the coldest summers on record) so Timmy and Samuel got to splash around in the blow up pool and make a mess with homemade finger paint.  I'm thinking it's time for a slip n' slide next year though.  I'm a little cautious (probably overly so sometimes) with some of the chemicals I fear are in lots of childrens art supplies so I got a really great recipe online.  Let's just say my "pig pen" son looked something like a multi-colored warrior by the end of the afternoon.

My other attempt was to make Timmy a firetruck birthday cake.  Timmy loves any kind of truck, in fact today I made a splurge purchase of the huge Matchbox firetruck I saw at Costco.  Thankfully I don't do that kind of thing too often.  Anyway, there's a website called that has seriously thousands of pictures of truly homemade birthday cakes of all sorts of themes.  Some are amazing...some I'd be embarrassed to upload on the web.  I have a lot of room to improve, but it turned out frosting tastes like crap though!  Important thing being, Timmy thought it was soooooooo cool and the fact that it was a cinnamon cake was just a bonus for him.  The dude loves cinnamon.

Jim and I really need to get a slip n' slide next year.  Timmy and Samuel were definitely too big for the infant pool, though they still got soaked and had a good time.

Before the paint got everywhere...
...and afterwards.
Jim and I have affectionaly began calling Timmy "pig pen" at times.  I kid you not, this kid is a dirt magnet.  He is ALWAYS the dirtiest one when I pick him up from daycare and I laugh when his teachers constantly apologize for it.  We gave up on bibs for Timmy at dinner a long time ago, and I have made a good friend out of the jumbo size Spray N' Wash in our laundry room.  We were actually quite amazed that Timmy didn't run the paint through his hair like he does when he's eating spaghetti.
Timmy's firetruck cake.  I love how Samuel is reaching to grab it in the picture.
Timmy actually ate his birthday cake this year.  Last year he just kind of mashed it on the table.  Serious sugar high in the evening...
Timmy absolutely scored by way of birthday presents.  In addition to the bicycle we got him a couple weeks ago, he got a new OSU camping chair (see above), tons of sticker books, almost a complete fall wardrobe, tool set, and a huge chest of art supplies. 
As I'm sure you can guess, I am thrilled with how much Timmy enjoys the water!  His new favorite thing is jumping off the side.  Scares the crap out of me how he doesn't seem to care anymore whether I'm ready for him though.  I'm toying with the idea of signing him up for semi-private lessons this winter.  Oh, and if you ask Timmy who the fastest swimmer in the world is, he yells "Michael Phelps!!!!"  Got to teach him the important things early.
Doing egg beater while holding a toddler is much more tiring than it looks.

That's all for now.  These last 2 years have absolutely flown by!

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