Friday, August 27, 2010

...and BABY makes 4!!!

Jim and I are BEYOND EXCITED that we are expecting another baby!  Those first 3 months you're such a bundle of emotions, bursting at the seams to tell all your family and friends, but waiting until the doctor gives the big "okay".  That happened for us on Tuesday!  We saw Dr. Daniel (who is a total badass...if any soon to be mommies looking for an OBGYN, listened to baby's heartbeat for the first time (which is a little crazy considering we've already had 2 ultraounds), and so far, so good!  Same crappy morning sickness as last time, although this time with the added benefit of extreme fatigue.  I tell msyelf this is because I have a wild 2 year old at home and can't just take a nap anytime I feel like it.  And...something tells me how tired I am now is nothing like what I'll be in about 6 months.  Round-the-clock nursing again, limited sleep, and (just being honest) dealing with 2 little ones, one of whom is jealous he's not the center of the universe anymore!

We've been trying to slowly have Timmy understand he's going to be a big brother.  He knows Mommy has a baby in her belly, in fact he loves to lift up my shirt (thankfully not in public so far!) and give my belly a kiss.  If you ask him whether he wants a brother or a sister, he 100% of the time quite firmly says, "sister!"  No clue whether he truly gets it that that would be a girl and not a boy though.  Jim and I wonder whether he assumes the baby will be born automatically the same age as him, hence a built in play buddy. 

One thing I can honestly say is that neither of us cares whether this baby is a boy or girl.  The reasons I would want either sex are so entirely different that it would be impossible to choose.  I just hope I can give the endless unconditional love to this baby that I have so happily given to Timmy.  We didn't find out Timmy's sex until the big day and don't plan to with this pregnancy either.  It's such a fun surprise to wait, even though I totally admit I'm already clamoring to "know".

February 25th...not really all that far away.  Cannot wait!

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    Oh Tara, I'm so excited for you and your cute family. Watching Timmy and his little brother or sister will be so fun for you guys!

    Wishing you a smooth pregnancy.



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