Monday, July 26, 2010

Timmy goes camping!

Believe it or not but, this was actually Timmy's 1st camping trip!  Don't get me wrong, we do TONS of day hikes, romps through the creek next to Cannery Cove on the island, and other dirt-filled outdoorsy stuff, but hadn't ventured into the world of tents, campfires and smores yet. 

We ended up doing a 2-night stay at Cougar Rock on Mt. Rainier.  The campground was suggested to us by our friends, the Anderson's.  Beyond gorgeous!  The weather was perfect and sunny so we can fantastic views of the mountain and surrounding river.  Timmy loved the tent, treated his aerobed like a trampoline, and in true Timmy fashion, refused to eat anything "new" to him.  Yes, this included chocolate milk and smores.  One day, I'll remind him of his bizarre eating habits and he'll probably tell me I'm making up lies. 

I am now positive beyond a shadow of a doubt that even in 30 degree nightime temps that Timmy will NEVER sleep in fleece pajamas.  He woke up the first night around midnight, sweating profusely, and super cranky from how uncomfortable he was.  I changed him into his normal threadbare jammies, he refused socks, kicked off all his blankets and slept the remainder of the night.  How he can sleep so comfortably like that is seriously beyond me.  If you know me well, you know that even in the middle of August I sleep in sweats and sweatshirt, with multiple blankets.  Jim has to frequently remind me not to overdress Timmy for the night. 

Jim (some kind of weird gesture...) and our nephew Matty.  Matty was non-stop singing Lady Gaga songs (dude is 2.5 years old!) and he and Jim danced together on our hike to Carter Falls.

I like to think I'm a fairly in shape person.  I still carry Timmy with me in the Ergo EVERYWHERE, I walk both ways to work, do Bikram yoga, and get the occassional swim in.  So needless to say, I thought the 2 miles each way to Carter Falls would be no big deal.  What I didn't take into account?  That it's a pretty steep uphill climb the entire way.  Timmy isn't exactly a heavy dude (he's barely 27 pounds) but WOW, did that hike knock the crap out of me.

As close as Timmy will ever get to snuggling with his Mommy.  He loved looking out at the river.  I think he just likes water!  It's in his genes though...

Jim's family: 3 generations of Voss...Rich, Susan, Rachel, Jim, Matty, Timmy, and yours truly.

Let's just say that this way fun trip left me so so soooooooo exhausted by the time we got home on Sunday afternoon.  What better treat could Jim give me than letting me take a 2 hour nap while he was on full Timmy duty.  What a man!

We've been slowing crossing off a number of house "to do" items off a seemingly endless list.  Jim cleaned and refinished the deck (not a fun job) and installed new outside lights and a speaker system...all with hidden wiring in our trellis, and down underneath the house.  What can I say?  I love that I married one hell of a handy guy!  And yes, Timmy definitely takes after his daddy.  He walks around with his screwdriver ("googaver") and spends many an hour watching Jim work his magic with his arsenal of power tools.  We've lived in this house for 4 years now and I cannot tell you how fun it was been (if at times frustrating and expensive) to add our personal touch to call it home.

Timmy loves climbing ladders and has recently figured out how to climb back down.  He wanted to "help" Jim with the wiring in the trellis.

Really looking forward to seeing our friends Bo & Chelsie this weekend, their daughter Lanie, and their newest addition, little Cooper, born just a couple weeks ago.  Timmy recently informed me he wants a baby sister!  Since then I've asked him numerous times if he wants a baby brother or sister.  Every time the answer is a firm, "sister!"  No clue why.  Makes me laugh though...

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