Friday, July 30, 2010

Early birthday present!

Timmy loves bicycles!  So after doing some serious research, we decided on the Strider.  It's basically a pre-bike, meaning it has 2 wheels but no trainers or pedals.  The logic behind them is at kids can learn to balance on a bike BEFORE they learn to pedal.  I am so down with that idea!  Of course we had to order the one in orange (hello? OSU colors...and no, they didn't have blue & yellow) which is pretty cool because it matches Timmy's helmet his Nana got him from REI. 

It's been amazing to see how in just a matter of days, Timmy has gone from quite wobbly to almost racing down the street.  He still falls (frequently!) but most times it doesn't phase him.  I also like that the bike weighs less than 4 pounds so it doesn't hurt him if he lands underneath it!  It's light enough for him to carry it too, which is a major plus for me. 
Part of me thinks we should have waited until his real birthday (August 10th) to give him his bicycle but, the summers are short enough in Washington.  I didn't want him to miss out on 2 full weeks of play time.  You should have seen how exited he got when he saw that the package on the front doorstep was for him...and that it was bike!  He freaked out...shrieking, giggling, the works.  Totally made it worth it.  I think we'll get him the little Strider "bell" so he at least has something to open on the real day.

Jim will probably hate me for sharing this but let's just say that after ONE DAY of owning the freaking thing, he ran over it in the Passat.  No joke.  Jim is the absolute worst at backing out of the driveway (is it a guy thing?!!) and almost always ends up partially on the grass.  I should have taken that into consideration when I moved the bike out of the driveway so he could back down.  Less than 10 seconds later I hear a big crunch and there's poor Timmy's bike...with the back tire frame all wacked.  Obviously Jim felt pretty horrible and really apologized to Timmy.  Being the badass engineer that he is, he was able to put it back in a rideable condition.  The replacement wheel is supposed to be here sometime this week.  At the time, I was not amused but am reaching the point where I can somewhat laugh at the experience...somewhat.

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