Friday, July 16, 2010

4th of July

I look forward to our 4th of July trip to our family cabin all year long.  My grandfather built it himself when my mom was little and it holds more sentimental value to me than anything else in the world.  It's my favorite place ever, if you've been there before then you know why. 

This was actually Timmy's 3rd trip here already!  His first was when he was exactly one month old...something tells me he remembers absolutely nothing from that visit.  Not that he didn't have a good time last year but, he wasn't walking yet, so there weren't as many options of activities for him.  Not so much this year.  For the 9 days we were there, I think Timmy spent an average of 10 hours a day outside.  When you consider he sleeps for about 12 hours a day (including nap), I think it's pretty cool.  We went to a number of different swimming holds (our cabin is on the South Fork of the Trinity River in Northern California...kind of near Mt. Shasta, for all you non-Californians who read this blog), chased after frogs, butterflies and turtles, went on hikes, threw I can't tell you how many rocks in the river (Timmy loves the splash), and ate like fiends.  My Mom makes the best pancakes ever and Timmy totally devoured them every morning! 

We were supposed to have quite the crowd again this year but some unfortunate changes occurred at the last minute and both my sister and her husband, my best friend Traci and Korbe, and my mom's friend Cindy all had to take a rain check.  Next year though!  My other sister Erin was still able to come, with her boyfriend Sean, and our friend's Chelsie and Tim came too. 

9 days always goes by too quickly and this year was no different.  I look forward to a time when (hopefully) this is no longer just a once yearly visit.

Timmy wore his logging hat a good chunk of the week.
I have a feeling Timmy will outgrow his little Radio Flyer wagon rather quickly. 
Timmy and Grandma Nikki.  He has an uncanny ability to almost never smile in any picture.
Next summer Jim Randolph told Timmy they can dig holes together!
It's funny to me how pudgy Timmy's face looks in this picture.  He's posing to show me how he's going to skip a rock in the river just like the all time master, his Grandma Nikki!
...just before the "swinging bridge"
Timmy telling Mommy to back off...he's busy eating way too many pancakes!
Our cabin, my favorite place in the world.  If you've ever been here, then you know why.
This tree fell right near the Sullivan's cabin.  Somehow this shot of me and Timmy doesn't quite portray how huge it was.
Mommy showing Timmy a frog.  What a quirky dude he can be...he likes to chase them, he says "riddit" when you ask him what the froggy says, but NO WAY will he touch them.  I don't get it, he'll cover his entire body in mud/dirt, but somehow a frog just crosses the line.
Timmy and Daddy.  Many an hour was spent throwing rocks in the river.
Me, Timmy, Grandma Nikki, Auntie Erin, and Uncle Sean.  Timmy LOVES his Uncle Sean...he's still asking where he is, repeatedly.
Mom, Timmy, and I on the Farley Creek footbridge.
Timmy practicing rock skipping some more.
Timmy and Daddy.
Little dude's first popsicle..a total hit!
He loved floating in the river.
Playing basketball with his Uncle Sean. 

Timmy is really starting to put together 3 and 4 word sentences lately...some making more sense than others.  He's quite good at saying "Stop it now, Mommy!", "No Joke" and has chunks of the ABC song memorized.  He likes to sing "Twinkle Twinkle Little Star" too. 

We still play with his Legos every evening.  I am constantly amazed at what he's now able to build all on his own.  And he makes sure I know he did too!  He likes to say "Mommy, I built this!"  Truly remarkable how much of Jim I see (both physically and mentally in him).  Jim's mom, Susan, tells me that Jim was taking apart and putting back together the toaster by the time he was 3.  Timmy can already put together our fish tank pump and just this morning he took apart our MagLite flashlight and put it back together.  He even knew which parts he had to twist!  I'll be honest, it would thrill me to no end if Timmy became an engineer just like his daddy.

We're off to Mt. Rainier (Cougar Rock) this weekend for a camping trip with Jim's family.  Really looking forward to this!

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