Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Bainbridge Fire Dept. Fun Fair & Samuel's 2nd birthday party!

These days Timmy is REALLY into trucks...the garbage truck that comes down our street on Tuesday mornings probably ranks top with him, but the fire truck isn't too far behind.  So how excited was I when I started seeing signs for the Bainbridge Fire Department "Fun Fair"??!!!  Timmy and I regularly spend a half hour or so after dinner walking to the beginning of our street to watch cars, buses, motorcycles, you name it, whiz by us.  He loves it!  On the rare occasion that an actual big-rig goes by (this is Bainbridge after all...), the driver will usually tug on his horn, causing Timmy to go berserk!  (am I spelling that right?)  Anyway, we hoofed it over to the fair last Saturday morning and let our dude get his fill of all things fire.  While I fully recognize he's not smiling in a single picture (what else is new?), he truly did have a good time.  He was fascinated by the Kitsap County Bomb Squad robot, the 250+ ft. ladder on one of the fire trucks, and getting to watch the Fire Dept. Chief put out a grease fire.  Would have been nice if it wasn't so freaking cold and on the verge of a torrential downpour though.

Timmy had just seen a "clown fireman" and it scared the crap out of him.  He's turned into quite the leg grabber.
Checking out the Bomb Squad robot 

We ended the day by going to his buddy Samuel's 2nd birthday party.  Timmy and Samuel have gotten to be quite the buddies.  Not that they have any say about it...we really like the Anderson family and have gotten into a regular routine of doing weekend dinners/barbeques with them.  Timmy is huge into soccer so we decided it would be a fun gift to get Samuel a soccer ball too.  I think Timmy still would have had a meltdown when he saw Samuel get a newer, prettier, soccer ball than his but Jim leaving the ball on the kitchen full view for Timmy...wasn't one of our finer decisions.  After weighing whether we wanted to deal with a full on rage that evening (3 days prior to the party) we decided it would be okay to let Timmy give Samuel's ball a "test run", you know, just to make sure it was a good soccer ball and all.  We promptly hid the ball after Timmy went to sleep that night, not to be seen again until the party.  He's into the "THAT'S MINE!" phase right now (which I am so not enjoying), so he still had a bit of a meltdown watching Samuel open up his presents but in the end I was actually pretty proud of that little guy.  He enjoyed playing with Samuel's new toys, and even returned toys back to Samuel when we asked him to!  Truly a major milestone for Timmy.

Damn right that's my kid launching the basketball right through the hoop.  Still a favorite sport of his...I know I'm totally biased and all but, holy cow, amazing hand-eye coordination.  I'm a mommy, I get to brag!  I think Samuel was a little camera shy in this picture.

Playing with Samuel's new golf set

We leave for our 4th of July cabin trip on Saturday, bright and early on a 7:30 flight.  Yes, way too early but hopefully I don't end up regretting my decision to save some $$$ by taking an early flight.  If Timmy naps the way I'm hoping he will in the car, all should be okay.  I'm bummed my sister Lindsay won't be there this year, but all the other regulars will and I cannot wait.  10 days of SUN SUN SUN, a gorgeous river, my Mom's pancakes (that are the best in the world), barbeque, and visiting with family and old friends.  I look forward to this trip all year long.  It's my favorite place in the world.  If you've ever been there then you should know why!

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