Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Talking fiend!

No pictures right now...just an update on Timmy's absolute vocabulary explosion.  No joke, the dude is a talking fiend!  In the last month, he has gone from what I would estimate to be a 20 word list to somewhere in the 40-50 range.  He's combining words, some of my favorites being "I see you!" (always at top volume), "I did it!" (which he says when he's proud of himself), "I run/jump", and "night night Daddy/Mommy".  He says "bicycle" now, instead of just "bike", AND can say "harmonica"...which by the way, he LOVES to play.  I've been working on this for nearly a month now, and over the weekend, he finally figured it out.  And wow was he excited when he did!  If you ask Timmy what sound the froggy says, he'll say "riddit" (yes, riDDit) and the ducky says "wack wack".  Seriously, cutest thing ever. 

Timmy still freaks when he sees a bus; in fact, his teacher at daycare told me the other day that he is the ring leader in the afternoon when he knows it's time for the school buses to drive down the street.  As soon as he hears them in the distance, he yells "bus!!!!!" and races to the corner of the play yard and does a little dance as they drive by.  His little buddies, Niall and Riley, typically join him.  I'm told those 3 are thick as thieves during the day.  Last week when I was dropping him off in the morning, Riley had saved his usual breakfast seat (next to her, of course!) and Niall was on the other side.  All of them were doing this bouncy dance thing in their seats and laughing their heads off.  I kissed Timmy goodbye and got a "Roar" from Niall, and little smirk from Riley, and a "bye bye Mommy" at top volume from Timmy.  As much as I hate that he's in daycare as much as he is, it does make it slightly easier on me knowing that most days he is excited to go to school.

On a side note, Timmy is super into garbage trucks these days.  He has an uncanny sense of knowing when it's Tuesday morning.  As soon as he's done nursing, he'll look right at me and say "twuck?"  We HAVE to stand at the window and watch the truck come down our street and pick up everybody's trash.  When the truck backs up, Timmy repeatedly says "beep beep".  And to top it off, on Thursday morning he saw the garbage truck going up the street next to First Years.  The guy sitting in the passenger seat must have seen Timmy absolutely freaking out in my arms because he leaned all the way out the window to wave to Timmy.  Mind blowing to me, the things that make my little guy's day.

Timmy can be such a quirky little dude.  He's recently become obsessed with having his hands washed.  Last night he was devouring a burger patty and ketchup ("kepup").  I must have washed his hands 3 times when he decided they were too dirty ("yuckies") to continue eating.  He's the same with playing in the dirt/mud lately.  The kid can be completely caked with the stuff, but when he decides his hands need to be clean, they NEED to be clean! 

I know it's only May but Jim and I realized we have nearly every weekend between Memorial Day and Labor Day completely packed.  Between 2 trips to Portland, our annual 4th of July trip to the cabin (exactly 1 month from today...not that I'm counting down or anything!!!), my trip to LA for Sarah's wedding, 2 camping trips, tentative trips to the zoo, Sequim (for the Olympic Discovery Trail), and Timmy's 2nd birthday party, I hope we can find some time to just enjoy each other with little excursions to the park, the creek bed behind St. Barnabus (one of Timmy's new favorite sure it has nothing to do with the endless supply of rocks he can throw in the water, and romping around in the mud), and some backyard BBQ's. 

Pictures to come later...

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