Friday, May 7, 2010


Timmy and I regularly spend 2 hours every Friday morning at the "Open Gym" at Battlepoint Park on the island.  The room is beyond amazing: tumbletrak trampoline, 3 balance beams, toddler climbing wall, hula hoops, balls galore, slide, and an array of various size/shape mats.  Oh...and nonstop Disney music.  It is toddler heaven and gets quite crowded, especially when it's raining outside, and we all know that's fairly often here!  No instructor, just a gym monitor, and the kids are allowed to do whatever they want.  Somehow I always leave the gym amazed that that many toddlers were able to share toys (some better than others, and no, not my kid...AT ALL) and not break any bones.  Anyway, Timmy loves it, and it burns off a ton of his seemingly endless supply of energy.  By the time we get home at noon, he's ready for lunch, and (usually) a 2 - 3 hour nap.

The next 3 days are supposed to reach nearly 70 degrees here in Seattle.  YES!!!!!!!!!!!  Not that a little cold weather or rain has ever kept our family indoors (hello, puddle jumping?!) but it certainly does lessen the amount of clothing I have to put on my little guy.  Lately he loves "helping" mommy and daddy with yard work: picking up pinecones and putting them in the bucket (and yes, dumping out the bucket is just as fun), digging holes with his spade, inspecting the ants and bees, and collecting dandelions.  Yellow seems to be his favorite color, I say this because EVERYTHING is yellow (well..."yeyow") these days.  Timmy likes basketball, dirt/mud, and that order.  Bubbles and balloons aren't too far behind.

Jim raised the height on Timmy's basketball hoop a couple weeks ago.  It was absolutely fascinating to me watching how it took him just a matter of days to figure out that he now needed to shoot his ball both up and out to get it in the hoop.  I recognize when I write this that it probably doesn't sound and awesome as it was to watch (especially as his mommy) but seriously, it was pretty cool.  When he wants to, Timmy can stand a good two feet away from the hoop and still shoot the ball in, with remarkable accuracy. 

I'm trying not to be one of those moms who applauds every little thing he does though.  So when he misses the hoop, Jim and I laughingly call out "Miss!!!".  Timmy thinks it's hilarious and now calls out "miss" when anybody misses the basket.  (Jim misses more than me...)  Never did I think this would totally backfire on us until a couple days ago when we were doing an evening walk through the neighborhood after dinner.  We walked past a neighbor's house where their (guessing) 8 year old boy was playing basketball.  He was doing all these crazy dribbling drills, etc. and then launched the ball to the basket, missing horribly.  Timmy yells out "Miss!!!" and Jim and I could barely contain our silent laughter.  Kid shoots again...again, Timmy yells "Miss!!!".  But, not once or twice.  No, he keeps yelling it...over and over again.  Poor kid.  Timmy has probably scarred him for life.  Needless to say, I put my hand over Timmy's mouth and quickly continued on with our walk.

Lastly, Jim and I are attempting to add a little variety to our dinner menu.  Starting to get a little tired of the same dinners.  So a couple nights ago we attempted barbequed shrimp, fully expecting Timmy wouldn't try it.  Absolutely surprised when he ate an entire jumbo shrimp, and then polished off his peppers and asparagus.  The veggies were no surprise to us...Timmy would (and has!) eat an entire barbeque pepper if we gave it to him.  But my kid, who has no interest (yet) in pizza, eggs, or some of the other more standard kid food, ate shrimp.  And of course he knows when he eats a good dinner that he gets watermelon for dessert.  That's my boy!  Watermelon holds a truly special spot in my heart.

That's it for now!

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  1. Haha, the "miss" comment that he made to that poor little boy is hilarious. Don't worry - it won't be your first "oh, that backfired" moment.

    Obviously we raise our children w/ a certain set of rules, and I've had Brody publicly announce when other people around us are breaking the rules. Turns out people don't like that so much. ;) Gotta love point-blank honesty that kids possess!

    Love the updates!


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