Friday, April 16, 2010

Trip to Portland (PART 2)

My big thanks to my mother-in-law, Susan, for getting more Timmy "helmet" pictures after my batteries died!  Is it just me that finds it beyond amusing that a dude who 99% of the time HATES wearing hats, absolutely LOVES his helmet?  I mean, Jim and I can't even say the word "bike" now, or Timmy goes nuts, saying "hat?  hat?  hat?" and patting his head. 
Can you see the dump truck on his helmet?  This thing could not be more perfect for my little man!
I think if we'd let him, he'd nap in his helmet too!

Cousin Matty, an affectionate little guy.  Timmy...not so much (most of the time :))
I don't think there's a wagon or trike by Radio Flyer that between Jim & I, and respective grandparents, we don't own. 

If it's mechanical or has wheels, Timmy HAS to inspect it.  He's so much like Jim, it scares me sometimes.

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